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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Multimedia to Enhance Web Sites Cookies & Spyware

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Developing websites not only require the knowledge and skills in setting it up in the World Wide Web, but also implementing some elements that help in realizing the purpose of the website, making it attractive and interactive. This aim may be achieved by utilizing multimedia tools and applications in developing the website. Educational website count on multimedia to motivate online users to learn, gaming websites rely on animations for appeal and entertainment, and radio shows available online depend on the quality of audio streaming.

Although utilizing multimedia seems to be the most effective way to improve the dynamics of a website to realize its purpose and objectives, it still holds disadvantages both for web site developers, owners, and users. A multimedia website is a dynamic website that utilizes various media of communication and information exchange such as audio and video materials, audio-visual elements, and animations. The objective of injecting multimedia to websites is to improve services and increase its viewers by initially attracting them and keeping them engaged or involved through pure entertainment.

It attracts wider populations of online users because it appeals to audio, visual, audio-visual, and kinesthetically motivated individuals. Since multimedia websites are visually attractive overall, first-time visitors become interested and are instantly involved with the elements of the website. (Multimedia Websites, 2005) Aside from these advantages, multimedia websites also allow faster and easier access to larger populations. Access to multimedia websites is not limited to a particular number of online users. Moreover, the content of websites is easily modified when multimedia elements are used.(Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Teaching Media that can be used in a Teleclassroom or on the Web, 2008)

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The disadvantage of multimedia websites lies in its planning, production, and maintenance stages. Establishing multimedia websites are costly and time-consuming. Website developers who utilize multimedia often require longer periods of time for preparation and development, while setting up multimedia websites require adequate amounts of resources. Maintenance is also key in making sure that the website functions efficiently at all times.

However, website owners cannot maintain multimedia websites on their own. They need to require the services of website developers, which is again costly. For online users, it would probably discourage them to view multimedia websites because it takes much time for these websites to download. (Multimedia Websites, 2005) In order to harness the benefits and advantages of multimedia, website developers and owners should consider some important factors. Initially, website owners and developers should determine whether there is a need to utilize multimedia, or to utilize multimedia minimally or fully.

This requires determining the purpose, goals and objectives, and content of the website. Some websites should only use audio or visual elements while other sophisticated websites need to use audio-visual and animation elements. The best way to utilize multimedia effectively is to use it judiciously. Website owners and developers would not want to overwhelm online users with complex and overlapping multimedia structures and they do not want to bore them with plain colors and texts either. (Kit & Kuan, 2006)

Learning to control the use of multimedia and knowing when it is appropriate to utilize it is a primary consideration. The time and available financial resources should also be considered. In general, multimedia should be used in developing website if the operator or owner operates on multimedia elements. For instance, radio shows made available online need to establish multimedia website on audio elements. Websites hosting videos, such as YouTube. com for instance, need to maintain audio-visual elements of their multimedia website. Gaming websites, on the other hand, need to utilize animations.

One reason for utilizing multimedia in websites is when operators or owners need to do promotions and advertisements through audio, visual or audio-visual means. Another reason is if there is a need to increase user participation and population by targeting user attraction and involvement through multimedia. Compare and Contrast Cookies and Spyware Spyware is an application or data that stealthily manage to enter computer systems or networks to spy on information or computer commands or processes recorded in the computer. The purpose of spyware is to obtain information or data covertly.

In addition, the characteristic of spyware is naturally malicious. A user cannot delete it completely because it attaches itself to the system and spies on all computer processes and transactions. Spyware may be used to commit cyber crimes such as identity theft, because it collects private data and information. For example, spyware may be used to collect online banking information. Collected data will be used to conduct malicious transactions. (Olsen, 2005) Cookies, on the other hand, are information stored within the computer system.

However, cookies are simply recorded for retrieval of information. For instance, cookies may retrieve user names or passwords when logging-in visited websites. (Cookies – Not Spyware, 2008) Cookies, unlike spyware, do not steal but simply make data records (Olsen, 2005) Although cookies seem to be harmless, it may be used instantly to serve the purpose of spywares. This depends on how cookies will be manipulated. For instance, if two people are sharing in one computer, the other might view cookies installed in the computer to determine what websites the other person has been visiting.

He may also be able to access private e-mails or accounts on other websites, if the cookies allow automatic user name and password retrieval, and such. Moreover, that person might be able to open online accounts using the personal information of the other person who he is sharing the computer with. Therefore, although cookies are normally harmless, people might use them to accomplish malicious activities such as identity theft or invasion of privacy. (Cookies – Not Spyware, 2008)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Multimedia to Enhance Web Sites Cookies & Spyware essay

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