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STC Houstan’s website totally conforms to the principles of effective communication. It is a delight to navigate this website because of its rich content and perfect graphics. The first page is soothing to the eyes, which facilitates in communicating the key points in a clutter free manner to the target audience. All the links are well accessible. The links are designed just as the home page. All the links give detailed information for e. g. he link that leads to the Email list gives a detailed account of how to communicate, to whom to contact regarding a specific issue, where not to contact etc. In most of the websites the facilities like subscribe, send email, reply to mail set message viewing options, unsubscribe, help etc. are just listed and it is left upon the net surfer to interpret what needs to be done or discover where all these lead to on their own. Contrary to this practice the website of STC gives detailed description of the above-mentioned actions in an era when all these are taken for granted.

Though the readers understand the literal meaning of the above mentioned actions, a guide on that particular organization’s way of working in the form of guidelines of these actions help the audience in understanding the organization in a better way. There is no doubt about the professional appearance of the website. However no one can escape the simplicity with which the professionalism has been put forward. Even the events page is very comprehensively written giving no scope of confusion to the audience.

The latest information has been presented with accuracy giving an impression of how well updated the website is. Though all the information is well described there is full scope of conciseness of information. Nowhere does the presented information look boring or repetitive. The information is presented with full honesty and clarity. All the details for e. g. the venue where the events are going to take place are well laid out with a special link to the map of the location and the driving directions.

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The website proves to be a good mouthpiece of the organization as it gives an impression of how sincerely managed the organization is. The layout of the website is such that a person in a hurry would also be able to get a clear bird’s eye view of the total information that is being communicated within a few minutes. There is no need to search for particular information, rather all information looks to be there for the audience. All the types of links have been clearly demarcated making the navigation of the website extremely easy.

Even a new navigator would feel at ease with the website. It gives a feel that one has been using it for a long time, as one does not have to try hard to reach to the link of one’s choice. The effective way in which all the information is presented, gives an impression that this website can be a benchmark of how a good website should be designed. The purpose of communication is to present information in an easy to understand manner.

Communication of any online information should be like gathering information in a face-to-face situation. In a face-to-face situation there is no scope of confusion and it is also easy to measure the honesty of the presented information through the tone in which it is being presented. The STC Houston’s website has achieved total success because of its excellent content and graphics in making its communication effective enough to compete with this mode of communication.

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