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Netscape Communications Corporation is a “leading provider of open software for linking people and information over private TCP/IP-based enterprise networks ("intranets") and the Internet.” They develop markets and support a wide area of enterprise client and server software, tools for development, and commercial applications which creates a single communication platform shared for other network applications. All its software is on industrial standard protocols; therefore it can be deployed on any operating system, hardware platform, and databases. It can also be connected with various another client/server applications. The software can be used across different geographic locations, third party partners, and customers. The product can be used by individuals or by organizations for any internet-related transactions such as buying and selling of information, software, merchandise or publications.

The company also offers services for the user and the network. These features include graphics and e-mail. The Company also offers software products and tools for intranet users. Their marketing strategy incorporates multiple channel distribution, direct sales, internet, telesales, resellers, value-added resellers, and retailers. Some of the companies with which Netscape does business are AT&T, Apple, British Telecom, Compaq,  Deutsche  Telekom,  Digital,  France  Telecom,  Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Informix, Novell, Olivetti,  Siemens, Silicon   Graphics, Sybase and Sun. Netscape was incorporated in April 1994 in Delaware. The Executive office is situated at 501 East Middlefield Road, Mountain View, California 94043. Stocks are traded on NASDAQ under the symbol “NSCP”. The U.S. offer was a total of 4,250,000 shares.

The International offering was 750,000 shares, carrying the total to 5,000,000 shares. This includes 2,000,000 shares sold by The Company and 3,000,000 shares which were sold by Selling Stockholders. 86,535,395 shares were outstanding from the Common Stock after offering. The summary of the supplemental and consolidated financial information is as follows. In the months of March 1995, June 1995, September 1995, December 1995, March 1996, June 1996, and September 1996. The total revenue was $100,016 the highest in September 1996 and the lowest is $5,814 in March 1995. The gross profit was $85,322 the highest in September 1996 and the lowest is $5,814 in March 1995. The merger-related charges were lowest at $2,033 in December 1995 and the highest $6,100 in June 1996. Total operating expenses were highest at $76,362 in September 1996 and the lowest at $10,412 in March 1995. The Net income (loss) per share was 0 in September 1995.

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