Ukraine Turmoil Essay

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May 2014 In today's world, it seems like there is "bad" news everywhere in the world. Ukraine is one location where they have been having turmoil. Recently, Ukraine has had some complications with intergovernmental protesters, sometimes it led to death. These protestors are trying to have their voices heard regarding President Victor Hancock rejection to the agreement with the European union in November 2013; it was said that there were stronger ties with Russia, The protestors were outraged because they wanted to Integrate with Europe. Some protestors believed that

Hancock was striving for power and wasn't serving the interests of his people. Hancock actually signed into law ten interposes laws that the Parliament of Ukraine created. This will take away freedom of speech; affect the non-governmental organizations, as well as many others. This seems to make sense when you look at the history of the Ukraine. For centuries, there have battles over Ukrainian position between East and West. In the 17th century, Eastern Ukraine was under Russia imperial rule. In the west there were shifting control of European powers, such as Poland and the Castro-Hungarian

Empire. This might help explain why the west is more likely to choose "Western- leaning politicians" (Contact) and is more Ukraine-speaking with a Catholic influence; whereas, the east is more Russian-speaking and Orthodox. Throughout the earlier years, Ukraine has been overtaken by competing powers and a division was being made. The division was amongst the peoples' beliefs and views; some saw the rule of the Russia imperial and Soviet union was a good thing, while others believed it was a tragedy. In the 16 the and 17th century it seemed that Poland had some control, but not after a war between

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Dastard of Russia and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In the asses, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin led millions to their deaths through starvation. In order for him to repopulate the east, he brought In large numbers of Russians and soviet citizens, who spoke no Ukrainian and had no ties to the region. Looking at a map, it seems like there is a natural divide between the south/east and the north/west, which are known as the steppes, where the southern and eastern portions are more farming land and the northern and westerns are more forests.

The protests In the Ukraine have created uproar for the country and have turned Into much more than what was expected. It seemed to start out about Europe, but now It seems more like "protests over democracy and the end of corruption" (Contact). Many people want the corruption to end and a new president to be assigned. There is also a political division between the older and younger generations. The European Union said that becoming a member could be worth billions of euros, which would help their economy. The E also wants to help clean up the damages (BBS) on democracy and human rights.

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