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Everybody in life faces some challenges and difficulties which become a learning experience for them for future situations. We, humans, learn through our mistakes and the experiences that we go through. I have had such an experience at a very young age and it has enabled me to be around people with different cultural backgrounds and who share different views.

When I was about ten years old, I had gone to America. Without any knowledge of what I would get to see and no hold on English I was afraid of how I will meet people and be able to communicate. I thought that since I’m different I will be treated differently and not accepted so easily. When a people do not know what is in store for them, they have an unreasonable or innate fear of being rejected or feel that they might not be socially accepted. I felt the same way when I went to America.

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however I decided that I will not let the barrier of language and knowledge about the country make my time here difficult, I decided to learn the language, meet people, ask them anything I didn’t know or couldn’t understand. When I started being open and accepting towards the people, I realized that o got the same response. I was welcomed and embraced with love and respect.

If I ever go anywhere to study now, I will be able to make friends more easily and be more social and outgoing. This will in return help me be more knowledgeable and free to be myself. When I had not gone to America, I had a fear of being socially unaccepted, but that experience had made me a more confident person and I’m no more shy and hesitant in my nature.

This confidence boost was what I needed in life and this experience will surely help me when I go for further studies and external or foreign education programs.

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