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The reasons for including social sciences in my life long career originated at high school when I showed a deep interest and enthusiasm in studying of government, basics of law and psychology.   Since that time I’ve realized that my professional life would be connected with work on government agencies with focus on social relations.

My deep interest in law and psychology as well as my critical and logical thinking abilities have been doing me a great favor in my professional life which is associated with two different spheres of professional activity: finance and psychology.

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After graduation from college in 1998 with a Degree in Psychology I have been working part time as a counselor for mentally challenged people in group homes and also had a job of accountant and tax consultant in consulting company.  This versatile professional experience gave me a great and invaluable practice of working with people and studying psychological issues as well as it gave me a great chance for further improvement of knowledge in the field of human behavior and nature of human relations.

On the other hand the work in finance sphere gave me an opportunity to develop and improve my critical evaluation and conclusion skills and gave opportunities for essential independent thinking and independent work practice that is one of integral components of my future career goals.

   My rich and deep knowledge of human nature and behavior and my long interest in studying law prompted me to think about continuation of my education and pursuing of Criminal Justice Master degree, which is caused by my career plans to work for FBI or federal Patrol.

A solid background in psychology on the hand with my critical and analytical reasoning skills will serve as a strong basis for studying law and criminology. That’s why John Jay School of criminal justice, that has excellent criminology programs, will pave the way for further professional growth and excellence.


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