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It would be incredible for one to contemplate enrolling for his postgraduate degree in a different institution other than that which he has successfully completed his undergraduate course. It is the contentment I got when undertaking my undergraduate degree in your institution that I got no reason but to come back.

I therefore aspire to enroll for my dental school in your institution, the University Of Washington School Of Dentistry.

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I have always harbored the dream to pursue dentistry to the uttermost right from a very tender age. This desire was not only reinforced and propelled when I joined your institution for my undergraduate degree but was further stabilized and made more achievable.

I am particularly drawn to your school because it is one of those that have very many opportunities within and without campus. This sees to it that tasks and projects that have otherwise been thought of as impossible are easier.

With a great hospital in the campus, interns are send there. This indicates that they are under close and careful supervision. There is thus no question about not being the best and reliable dentist if you have had the envied chance to pursue your degree in this institution. Not only is there a great hospital but also a cancer center and numerous labs. The students can therefore conduct their research work satisfactorily and present there results.

As a matter of fact, I have worked in many labs under the department of biology as well as having done an undergraduate chemistry research for a year.

                                                                                                                 Again this is school that I have a great liking for. I also love the professors at UW since their competence is not one to question. I therefore would very much appreciate it if you reconsidered my request and grant me the chance to pursue my dream in your institution because it is not only that I love the school but it is also my home school where I grew up and learned and would feel very much honored to have my dental school from here.

This is so because I believe that for one to be able to reach out to those that are far, one needs to have helped those near and its my intention that I serve my home place before reaching out to the rest of the world.


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