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Practical experience of working as an electrical engineer for the Boeing Company persuaded me that intuition and high energy level aren’t sufficient for a steady success. With the pace of career the value placed by me on professionalism and knowledge proliferated.

I don’t intend to reinvent already known methods instead of making them elaborate. Thus, I am determined to gain a strong theoretical base and obtain the MBA degree that will enable me to make weighted decisions and take full responsibility for them.

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What first drew my attention to the MBA was the school’s reputation as a world class learning center. The attractive components of the MBA from my standpoint are three fold: the format of the program, highly experienced student body and the team spirit, which is a cornerstone for my style of management.

I find the MBA program very attractive because its concentration on a global perspective, leadership and the team spirit coincide with my managerial approach and personal values. Exposure to the fast changing, extremely diverse and interlinked factors of global environment made the process of my personal and professional development dynamic and very fascinating.

Another point, which I feel is very attractive, is that the programs they are offering as regards to management information systems accommodate individual needs, while adapting this program to reflect constantly changing characteristics of this field. This school prides itself on its international reputation for excellence and its capacity to adopt a truly global perspective.

The overall objective of my MBA program over here is to develop analytical abilities, using concepts derived from a wide range of academic disciplines, directed towards business problem solving in an international environment and this is the main reason that I have decided to do my MBA from here in order to succeed in this field.

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