The Solutions to Battle Obesity By Setting Up the Right Restaurants

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Everyone has the tendency to splurge, Diets more often than not are cheated, Mouths are continually stuffed with food. There are so many ways that people can prevent themselves from losing the weight that they have gained. On the other side, there are people that even though they are obese, they choose to do nothing about it. These are the people that are at high risk for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or a combination of an of these. It is sad to say that even though it causes all of these things, there are still more and more people each day that fall into the trap of obesity. They consume too many calories and use no way to burn it all off. They sit on their couches in front of the television, most of the time munching and crunching on their favorite salty snacks.

It is time to do something It is time to make a stand against obesity once and for all. There are many things that have been done to help lessen the likelihood of obesity taking over the world Exercise programs have been introduced everywhere. They are now requiring that kids in certain grades take fitness classes while in school. Most fast food restaurants now have to offer health choices to kids‘ meals, for example, McDonald’s Happy Meals now come with apple slices and a little box of French fries that usually contain about five fries in its entirety. This seems to have an effect on preventing childhood obesity, which is good for the generations coming up, but what about the people that already are obese, And not even just the children, the adults mostly.

They do not order kids‘ meals; they have no healthy choices in their meals, In my hometown of Granger, Indiana, the typical person orders the following from McDonald‘s: Large Big Mac Meal, all inclusive with the calorie packed Big Mac itself, a large salt filled French fry, and a large soft drink Most people pick the sugar enhanced Diet Coke simply because it has the word diet in the name. Where is the healthy part of that? With all of that being said, it is easy for one to come to the conclusion that nothing is being done to help get rid of the major problem once and for all. Many solutions for this problem are popping up this includes the idea of opening a restaurant that can satisfy the fast paced environment that we live in as well as put nutritional value into it.

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This is not your typical restaurant though. While there will be master chefs in the kitchen whipping up the food, this will be competition between the fast food chain The purpose is to giVe places like Burger King, McDonald‘s, and Wendy’s a run for their money. A majority of people that attend fast food restaurants on a daily basis do so because they are always in a rush and places like McDonald‘s and Wendy’s cut out the long waiting periods that they want to avoid This is because of the idea of the drive through While we will be a sit»down restaurant we will also have a drive through option which will be the key in achieving that fast pace that certain people are looking fort The foods that are served here, however, have very little nutritional value if any at all.

This is something that needs to be changed, By transforming the fat induced, calorie packed meals on fast food menus into nutritional, calorie cut meals; the rate of obesity that is currently existing in our society today will be lowered, The question might be raised “How much will a project like this cost?“ According to a study conducted in November of 2011 by a gentleman named John Kunkel, the average cost for opening a restaurant is $450,000 and $525,000. While this may seem like a lot of money, in the long run the idea of opening a healthy restaurant will help people save money on hospital bills for major health problems that arise due to obesity. The thought of a single person paying about half a million dollars to build a single restaurant is crazy to think about This however brings us another question of how we will be paying for the restaurant, Most of the money that will be used for this project will more than likely come from loans that will in the end need to be paid off.

A large sum of the money though can come from private investors as well as from fundraising activities that we could participate in, Fundraising has been proven to help a company both get funds for what they need and also to get their name out in the open. In an article written by Non»Profit Marketing Zone and Fundraising they say “According to non-profit marketing zone 80% of the people in the United States give to non—profits". While we will just stick to many different fundraising activities, this is how the money will be raised to help build the restaurant that is desperately needed This will also help to create a clientele because when a majority of people donate money to a business that is just starting up they will want to become regular customers at that business which will help to bring in the profits when it officially opens.

As far as the food goes for this restaurant, we would need to seriously reevaluate the way that typical Americans eat The easiest way to do this would be to get someone in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences on our team Having an expert on our team will not only ensure that we will be successful in what we are trying to do, but it will also be a way to pull people in as well, Most people want to eat healthier, In fact, I hear numerous people every day complain about their weight and how they wish that they could eat healthier but they don’t know how. This is where our dietician can come in handy, This is a way for people that are on that specific path of life to get professional eating help without paying the high medical bills.

Opening this restaurant could also be a way to inspire people Because our customers would know that what they are eating is in fact good for them, it could spark an idea in their minds that they too can make such nutritional food for themselves In addition to offering healthy alternatives for eating out, we could also take advantage of our dietician and our chefs all at once We could offer cooking classes to the public that would show them how easy it is to make healthy meals at home for themselves and their families, The idea of doing this would allow people to get a cookbook of recipes that have been approved by our dietician on duty and they will be able to learn how to make some of them using the techniques that they learned from our master chefs.

The idea of taking cooking classes has become a big trend in society today so offering this to our customers’ guarantees that we will be successful in our attempts to make America healthy again. It is the little things in life that tend to build up overtime. In the case of obesity, the little things are the numerous unhealthy meals that a person consumes, the fat and salts and other harsh components of these meals are what build up overtime. This creates the body type for a person that is not wanted by anyone By creating a healthy restaurant where people can go out and celebrate the next family member’s birthday, treat their significant other, celebrate a promotion, and whatever else people do at restaurants, it can change the way that America eatsi Offering cooking programs through that very same restaurant would help us to overcome the prevalent problem in our society today as well. Obesity is a problem and it is time that we do something about it to overcome its

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