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Don’t get me started on fast food restaurants

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How could I start? Fast Food restaurants: Your one way train to all the marvellous maladies such as cancer, obesity and diabetes. Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted by a so-called "happy, kind, caring" waiter who afterwards, decides to escape before you have a chance to place your order. After spending what seems like an eternity waiting for him, you are now free to await your meal for an equally lengthy and agitating period of time. Don't like the useless waiters- well the only other alternative is the exhausting queue. Enjoy!

So, perhaps I should start with the staff: the group of people who make it all happen. Is it in the job description to be temperamental and uncooperative? I often suspect this to be the case. Moreover, that you must answer a phone call when the queue is at its longest during the rush hour when everyone is already late. Recently, I was made late for school due to the fact that the sloth "working"-behind the counter- decided to answer a phone call which lasted only fifteen minutes before attending to any of us : I left without my donuts and late. I was infuriated!

It is fine for them-they are already at work; on the other hand the rest of us are late and annoyed. Due to this, I get extremely frustrated when the item you decide to buy shows up with a different value at the cashier than at the menu so they haggle to get you to pay the higher value which wastes even more time : All that for an extra 60p or so. How pathetic!

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Having battled your way through the queue, or waited ages for the waiter to take your order and get your food: You are now expected to sit down and enjoy your meal. I don't think. The next challenge you have to face is with everyone else in the restaurant: the "General public". Why people choose restaurants to play loud, exasperating, annoying music to infuriate the dead and pop their own ear drums is beyond me. More than that, I wonder why people view restaurants as an ideal location to make the most pointless phone calls I have ever heard in my life. I will never know.

However the "general public", never seem to reach the high standards of infuriation that the young people aim to set. They are the members of this generation who seem to set it a target to annoy others! They're the ones who scare the elderly and think that an ASBO (Anti social behaviour order) is a good thing to go down your CV. The "Chavs". Restaurants seem to be infested with them, which is partially the staff's fault for not taking strict action against them. It is becoming an increasingly hard task to find a restaurant without "chavs"; it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack-pretty much impossible.

They are rude, imperious, riotous hooligans who freely leave behind their exotic, wide collection of litter which includes: Sticky chewing gum, Soft drink cans, cigarette butts and other delightful gifts for the next lucky customer to find. How thoughtful. Even more thoughtful of the staff to leave it festering there for weeks so other customers can experience the delight of sitting on littered seats- Lovely!

Away from the annoying people and service, is the preposterous advertising that restaurants air. I challenge you to find a restaurant that doesn't air ads about how healthy its food is and that it makes up a good diet when in a matter of fact it isn't. Of course it is a good diet if you wish to live a life crippled with diseases! The food-high in sugar and fat- they sell is highly associated with the condition we all aim to reach: Obesity. Their ads exploit children through the promise of pathetic gimmicks and toys: They manipulate children and harness the power they possess; their "pestering power"! It seems that they brainwash children to become missionaries from Satan and give their parents horrible headaches until they finally give in and eat at the cursed restaurants.

Despite all these reasons I mentioned, some still fail to see just how bad they are thus the restaurants still exist which proves how much of a nuisance they can be. They claim to provide outstanding service which I find unsatisfactory. They air lies, provide the worse service ever, allow complete hooligans to eat in their restaurants and recruit the worse staff possible. I believe that I represent the views of many people when I say that they are over-rated, over-priced and are a rip-off. If they expect us to eat at their restaurants then they must address these pressing issues! Until that happens I'm afraid that more and more people will revert to eating at home instead of at fast food restaurants. As someone who has to have food on the go, I must say I do not blame them- these restaurants need to clean up their act.

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