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Two Restaurants

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Food That Tastes Wonderful Is it Olive Garden’s friendly and hospitable service or is it the appetizing and blazing not entrees ll Foranio’s that reminds me of the Italian heritage? Before deciding which restaurant leaves my mouth watering for more, I compare and contrast between taste, service and cost must be considered. For me, choosing which restaurant to recommend to family members is as hard as cutting the perfect pink rose for a floral arrangement. The whole world would be a better place if you could choose a restaurant that always had food that tasted wonderful.

At ll Fornaio’s, I feel like a chef in Italy has just prepared my meal. Their pasta melts in your mouth and is always accompanied by hearty and rich sauce. My eyes pop out of head when I see the delectable dessert tray. Then both carry a wide selection of freshly prepared desserts like creamy tiramisu. On the contrary, at Olive Garden, your dinner always comes with all you can eat salad and piping hot breadsticks. Yet, ll Fornaio’s you must order a salad separate from your entree.

On the other hand, ll Fornaio’s offers its customers staple sourdough bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar spiced with herbs. Similarly, the salad at both restaurants are always fresh and is dressed with a tangy and light vinaigrette. In the same way, both restaurants offer their ravished customers a wide selection of beverages including sodas, teas and coffee to wet their whistles. Delicious, freshly prepared food is a must when I am spending a night out with friends or family. Service is something that I value highly when spending my hard earned money on a night out.

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The service at Olive Garden is a snail trying to win the mile run race. However, when I arrive at ll Fornaio’s I am seated almost immediately, whereas at Olive Garden, I have to sign a waiting list and they hand me a flashing disk. The servers at Olive Garden, in contrast, seem sometimes annoyed when I ask for something like more water or an extra plate to share an item. Equally, both restaurants bring my meal in a timely manner. They both give me service with a smile like a sun shinning in the morning sky.

Similarly, both places of business are more willing to trade my order if it is not to my satisfaction. If am not going to receive the service I deserve, I might as well walk right out of the establishment and not look back. Do you like throwing your money down the drain? If not, the maybe ll Fornaio’s is not the most cost effective restaurant for you. I often feel that money is flying out of my purse the minute I sit down at my table. On the other hand, ll Fornaio’s does offer more food for the price.

An average bill at Olive Garden is about forty dollars, whereas at ll Fornaio’s the final bill can range from fifty to one hundred dollars based on your choice of entrees, appetizers, drinks and desserts. Unlike Fornaio’s, Olive Garden does offer specials on certain dishes at specific times of the year. In the same way, both restaurants offer drinks that are similar in price and that prices included refills. Also, Olive Garden and ll Fornaio’s both have appetizers that are around the same price for the same generous helping.

Value is a huge factor in deciding which restaurant I would choose to refer a friend or family member. Yes, Olive Garden offers more food for the money, but the aroma and taste from ll Fornaio’s entrees are by far superior, not to mention the provide better service for the customer. Based on my evaluation of the two restaurants, I would have to choose ll Fornaio’s. Next time you are in the mood for true Italian cuisine, try Olive Garden and ll Fornaio’s, and then make the choice for yourself! ‘

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