Obesity Has Reached an Epidemic Problem – Analyze the Obesity Essay

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It has become an escalating epidemic that is very outrageous In the America. Not to mention, obesity is a disorder that have affected millions of people including children and teens. Obesity has reached an epidemic problem, creating a huge generation of people to have a shorter lifep affected over a quarter of adults (Allen, Terry). American is the richest but yet the fattest nation in the world. However, obese comes from Latin which means to "eat". Nonetheless it was only in the nineteenth century that most people in the western world who began to have slacking of the food.

Romans use to tickle their throats to vomit the food so that there want be a possibility of becoming obese. A study by Harvard Medical School in the sass's found that young people who dieted regularly were more likely to get overweight than those who did not. CDC predicts 42% of Americans will be obese by 2030 which is 32 million people. People tend to get obese and overweight mixed up. Actually, they're totally different. The body mass index tells which category the person falls under. Obesity IBM is either 30 or higher. If considered overweight IBM is between 25 up to 29. . Furthermore, obesity is when a errors had a body weight due to accumulation of body fat. The world we are living in today is a world that obesity is one of the most leading deaths in the United States. There are so many different types of treatment and prevention towards obesity. Gastric bypass which is a surgery that shrinks the stomach can help obesity afterwards. The goal for an obese person is for them to reach a health weight. Dietary can be one of the main treatments that can help some people who are obese. An obese person should exercise and do daily activities.

Also there will need to be any type of appetite suppressants that will be taken. Another surgery is lips-suction which helps reduce body fat. The changes of someone lifestyle will need to be the first priority. As Linda Hay an obese lady says "After 2 years of trying to lose weight using weight watchers, nutritionist, and much more didn't work (Newman, Cathy). Preventing obesity at an early age is very beneficial. By establishing healthy eating and exercise habits among American should take a big role in prevention. Staying active daily and watching one's weight should become a weekly routine.

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Everyone should drink up to 8 glasses of water and a physical every year. No one should eat after 7 o'clock and also watch the minimum of Junk food being consume. There should be physical education in schools to help children and teens from getting obese. If the disorder is inherited it should start taking place as a child and watch the food that is eaten. Obesity is not Just about food; it is about an entire life. People who are overweight also tend to feel less secure, less happy, and be stressed. They get teased, criticized, and Judged. In many cases, the problem is not the child's fault.

Being overweight may run in that child's family, or their parents do not encourage hem to be active and get enough exercise. Many children spend too much time indoors wasting away in front of the TV, playing video games, or spending time on the computer, and consuming high snacks, soft drinks and candy at the same time. The CDC performed a study in 1994 that was described in the book Fat Land; it showed that children who watched over four hours of television a day had higher body mass index numbers than those who watched less than one hour a day.

In 1994, The Centers for Disease Control studied the TV viewing time, exercise patterns, and eight gain of children aged eight to fifteen ("Obesity' The Columbia Encyclopedia). The results found that the less a child exercised and the more they watched TV, the more likely they were to be obese or overweight. Obesity has so many dangerous effects on one's life. For all people it causes so many diseases. Effects on teenage with low levels of self-esteem are more likely to report feelings of loneliness, sadness and nervousness. They are also more likely to smoke and consume alcohol.

Incidents of bullying and social isolation are more likely among overweight teens than normal- weight teens. Overweight teens are three times more likely to experience depression. Often their weight problems began in childhood and by the time they reach their adolescence. They may not even seem interested in reducing their weight. Admonish your child every step of the way will make a big difference. If a teenager is following the food pyramid and eating nutritious foods daily with a variety of physical activities, obesity should never become an issue.

Teen health should be a major concern for all parents that have a teenager. One important aspect that could affect male sperm count and possible cause male infertility is obesity. As males began to get obese their breast starts to grow which is called Pseudoscience's. When men become obese they become less fertile. Also, men genital area began to be smaller the more they become obese. Obesity affects women the most because they have more disorders. The more weight women gain will cause them to have osteoarthritis of the knees.

Obese women will also have a high possibility to have the gallbladder disease and cancer. Obese people in general will have some weight gain, arthritis, diseases, shortness of breath that can be incapacitating, sleep apneas, and emotional ND social problems, lower back pain and other orthopedic problems, hernias, heartburn, asthma, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. People with only slightly genetic predisposition to be obese have a chance of losing weight on their own. It is mainly the amount of fat that people make a habit of eating and their lifestyle that plays the biggest role in their overall health.

Only an obese person would know what it feels like. Their choices may not people as sagacious as they should, but they are all human as well. John Hatch states: Being obese isn't easy. They are hungry all the mime, indolent, and body hurts. All because of the increments of their body, it will cause younger children to stare at them. Obese thinks only about food and death majority of the time. Obese patients avoid medical visits at all cost because the shame of guilt. Obese people tend to be sad, depressed, or maybe angry.

They will not go to the doctor so they will not here the bad news. No one wants to be around anyone obese nor would someone be attracted to them. He says being obese can be the worst thing someone could ever be(C-D Room Interview). Obese people are at a higher risk of death due to health problems. Obesity is cause from so many things in today's society such as: too many calories being consumed from fast food, lack of physical activity, typical lifestyle and/or depression. People imperceptibly become obese and do not even know until that doctor visit.

A major thing that causes Americans to be obese is the fast food that is so accessible to us. All fast foods have copious amounts of calories and fat Just in one burger; this isn't even including the French fries or soft drink someone may order. The first factor would be that individuals can choose what to eat. Second would be he food companies that make the unhealthy food. Third would be the government for having taxes that cause people to buy the least expensive foods. Toxins all around is making majority of us fat. As you get older, your body's ability to metabolize food slows down.

Environmental factors include lifestyle behaviors such as what a person self-esteem may, in some cases, also play a role in weight gain. The medication some people are taking may also have a responsibility to someone becoming overweight. Obesity cause physical problems, psychological, social and economic well-being problems. The more a person is overweight the greater risk of death. There is so much negative connotation directed towards obese people. Others start teasing and bullying those who are not the same size as them.

Social discriminating against obese makes them seem as if they are not wanted, so they turn to food. Jobs may even be describes as discriminating due to the person size, so there is no income coming into the home. In recent years, obesity has increased dramatically in many parts of the world. The epidemic starts with the less exercising and a high caloric intake. Americans like to spend their time in sedentary activities. It all begins in the person childhood. When a child says they are hungry the mother will constantly nurture. As that child gradually grows it will become less active.

Fast food and fried food are the number one reasons to obesity. Some other foods such as processed and artificial additives may increase the risk of obesity. Obesity has become the second hierarchy death that is killing our people. The one main reason obesity is still increasing is that it has started in the childhood now. Secondly, the fast growing technology is making our nation lazy. The remote controllable things make it easy for en to control some without even getting up. The updated machines in factories are cutting off work, so they are less active.

Also the violence is another reason why people are staying in their homes. People can now work from their homes due to the upgraded software, which causes them to sit on their behind all day. Transportation in the 21 the century is the most reliable thing to count on other than walking. The more the fast foods are being promoted the more people will be extremely overweight. Obesity in our time and day has not only become a problem, but it has also become an epidemic throughout our nation. We and one need to take full responsibility and abstain from the bad eating habits.

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