The different types of buying situations

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A business-to-business buyer may encounter are the straight rebuy, the modified rebuy, and the new-task buy. In a straight rebuy situation, the buyer reorders a product or service without any modifications on a routine basis through the purchasing department. In this situation, the buyers have substantial experience in dealing with the need and require little or no additional information. A routine problem-solving approach is suitable for this type of buying situation.

In a modified rebuy situation the buying organization may seek certain modifications in the specifications of the product/service being purchased, prices, terms of supply, etc. The most appropriate decision-making approach in this type of situation is the limited problem-solving approach. This situation usually involves participants in the buying decision process. In a new task buying situation, the company is buying a product or service for the first time and has very little or no experience in such a purchase.

The decision-makers seek more information in this situation to help them evaluate and choose from amongst the alternatives. In such a situation the organization buying process is more complex and involves many more participants from different departments in the organization. The buying company also needs to decide on the product/service specifications, prices, delivery terms, order quantities, service terms, etc. companies follow the extensive problem-solving approach for making decisions in such situations.

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It is very important for the business to business marketing organizations to understand the differences between the three types of buying situations as it helps them to identify the key purchase decision-makers in the buying organization for the product being sold and the companies can evolve the most effective and efficient marketing strategies in the given situation.


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