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Practical lessons to deliver premier customer service under tough situations

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Some of the practical lessons to deliver premier customer service include:-Effective communication. This is very essential in every business for it ensures understanding between the employer and the employees towards the customers in tough situations. The source of conflict and misunderstanding is inadequate communication in all set of organization.

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Communication enhances understanding of the concepts and ideas which is very crucial in how teamwork operates and in making of decisions.

Listening ability and proving to the customers that you are listening is very crucial for it enhances proper understanding in the organization. Another lesson is practicing how to relate with customers by adding value to the customers and making sure proper information is conveyed to the right people (Woirhaye, 2006). One should be focused and have passion. The personality of selective service should be eliminated in the business for it leads to downfall that supports negative culture.

The ability to handle customer complainants is of utmost importance for they often rise in every organization. One should be very careful for the things one say to the complaining customer for it can lead to relationship building or relationship salvaging and this affects business directly. Anger management is another practical lesson that employer and the employee should learn in order to deliver premier customer service. While dealing with difficult clients in tough situations, it is important to stay calm even when the customer results to insults.

When faced with this situation, it is important to stay calm and think carefully before you say anything. This is because anger can lead to one saying things to the customer that can lead to regretting later. The employer and the employees should not expect the behavior of the customers to be exactly as they (employer and employees) behave. When faced with a difficult customer, it is important to lighten up and use humor. This helps in releasing the tension (Customer Service Zone, 2010).