Seeing the situations that over rule an administration

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Seeing the situations that over rule an administration everyday makes an administrator of the school wonder with regards which part of education does the institution still needs to work with besides the aspect of student achievement. It could not be denied that the institution has already reached its peak aim of producing student achievers who are both academically and athletically serious about their schooling.

However, besides just the idea of achieving, the proposal that follows tries to embark on the idea of making certain changes with regards the morality of the students as this is one of the most neglected areas of importance in the institution. PRESENTING ALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENT MODELS IN A SCHOOL ALREADY CITED FOR HIGH STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT Section 1: Introduction 1. 1 Background of the Study The schools and other educational institutions today are facing large problems regarding the issue on the students’ lack of self discipline resulting to under-achievements of the students in the school as well as violence within the school premises.

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How close are these two issues related to each other? Mostly, the age-stage of which the student enters when he attends secondary school is ranged as the puberty stage of an individual’s growth. According to psychologists, this particular stage of growth introduces an individual to several major decisions that he has to face along the way towards his maturity. Hence, confusion of priorities and aggravation of depression through the environment occurs (Coon, 1999, 88).

As reports could attest to this fact, it is not that hard to understand that there is an essential need of restructuring the procedures of the school when it comes to disciplining students who are attending secondary education. This is the reason why the researcher of this paper opted to discuss the issue mentioned. The timeliness of the research would indeed help in solving the problems at present especially with regards the issues of education, discipline and student achievements. 1. 2 Significance of the Problem

The problem as mentioned earlier directly affects the achievements of the students in their schools. This means that because of the lack of discipline, the students of the secondary school level face the challenges of being misaligned when it comes to their focus and at some point become highly attracted to drugs and violence. This is the fact when it comes to school procedures. The actual reports that pertain to the said issue are indeed much disturbing and further more alarming to the institutional boards.

As most of the schools affected by this dilemma are public educational institutions at [79%] whilst Private schools are affected by at least [45%], it is indeed necessary to identify the reasons behind the incidents that lead to students’ lesser interest in school and a higher rate of attraction towards drugs and violence. Through the proceedings of this particular research, it is expected that the reasons behind the ongoing issue in schools would be further regulated and controlled by institutional administrations through the use of psychological and psychosocial motivation.

1. 3 Research Questions To be bale to attend to the most important issues related to this particular problem, the researcher decided to use the following questions as guidelines for the completion of this particular study: •    What are the primary sources of the discipline of the students? Do those sources pertain to the personal or the social connection of the students to the society? •    How are students reacting to the discipline that they learn from their homes and from their environment?

What are the elements that are so far affecting the vision of the students towards their achievements in school as well as towards their future? •    How are drugs and violence related to the effects of lack of discipline among students? These particular questions shall serve as the primary foundation of the study. These questions shall be the settling ground of the researcher in finding the right sources for the completion of this paper as well as deciding on the right method to be used to collect actual data for the validation of this study. 1. 4 Purpose of the Study

To add up to the stress that this study places on the topic to be discussed in this paper, the following presentation of the purposes would primarily support the existing statements of the problem to assist in the validation of the facts that are to be presented. The purposes of this study are: •    TO assist the ongoing researches on school students’ discipline issues and help the institutions solve the impending results of the said problems. •    To make assessments on how the issues could be investigated through the use of psychological assessments and actual-report-based evaluations of the situation.

•     To strengthen the procedures of student motivation that is already currently used in schools in the society today. The utilization of these purposes within the completion of this study certainly helps in aligning the focus of the researcher. Hence, by doing so, the researcher expects that the focus would be on the cycle of events that involve The source of discipline, the results of the influential elements of the environment to the discipline of the students and the future of the students afterwards. Section 2: Literature Review 2. 1 What Psychology Says and how Anthropology Relates

Both psychology and anthropology concentrate on the behavioral study of humans. Through the use of the said studies, the reasons behind the occurring behaviors of students in secondary school could be well identified. With regards the issue on discipline and how it affects the students, Psychologists claim that the situation is much controlled by the upbringing of the students. The original discipline that they receive from their homes are supposed to be the basis of why they act the way they do when they are already mingling with their peers or with the society as it is.

(Coon, 1999, 89) Moreover, girls of the same age are differently reacting to the discipline that they receive from their homes compared to that of the boys. Anthropological studies attest to the claims of psychology as the said field of human understanding particularly points out the instance by which the discipline received by students from their homes are directly affected by the elements of the environment when they already begin to mingle with their peers or the society. As mentioned earlier, the effects vary.

To young girls, the discipline that they receive from their homes are more likely more evident in their system of dealing with others as young girls are expected to be more emotionally and personally attached to the their families compare to that of the boys who are at some point more affected by the elements of change that they encounter in dealing with other people especially with their peers (Coon, 1999, 90). Knowing the sources of the discipline, it is essential to evaluate the claims of both psychology and anthropology through the use of the actual reports that are further presented for better understanding of the readers.

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