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Different situations

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There are different situations in the workplace that creates different responses in the way we view things. These events give us various reactions that either can create a positive or negative impact in how our superiors perceive us. Seeing this, it may be a result of a responsive behavior at one point in time each where each of us experienced being unprofessional or exhibited an unlikely behavior. In the end, as we consider these things and ponder on its relative results, we decipher lessons and ideas that will make us better professionals in our respective fields.

One thing that I had observed in our workplace is signs of relationships among the opposite sex. Though the department does not really prohibit romantic association between colleagues, it is highly discouraged. However, there are still couples who hide behind these parameters and try to sneak their affairs within office hours and boundaries. I remember seeing one scene at an early hour wherein two officemates were caught by the camera being intimate with each other.

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The sad thing about this is that the two persons are well connected with upper management that is why they are not reprimanded that much. This came to my attention and bothered me because it should be given appropriate action such as memorandum or an amendment of rules so as not to create patronage among other people. I filed a personal complaint of what happened but management gave a shrug and said that they were doing this before office hours and therefore was not their scope or priority.

Though there was no apparent effect in the overall workplace, it instilled into many workers that such actions can be deemed acceptable provided that you have enough connections in upper management. Seeing this, it is in here that the overall mission and rules have been compromised. It became a standard for those who are willing to follow it and can be bent if you know the right persons. This primary example can be a catalyst for future violations not only related to intimacy within the workplace but also on other areas such as attitudes and behaviors.

This is why this issue should not have been handled this way. Upper management must realize that no one must be above the rules and standards. Though it is true that it was not yet office time that the incident happened; the act was still initiated in company property which makes the suspects liable. Moreover, their actions can be considered unprofessional in nature because the time and location where the act was initiated was not appropriate and fit to their given or assigned responsibilities. Due to this, it is only right for them to be given a memo or severe penalties for their actions.

If this initiative were enacted, workers and co-employees can see that the company is committed towards the strict implementation of its rules and regulations. It will garner confidence among individuals that management is fair and transparent and does not hold favoritism between individuals. Likewise, it can increase accountability among each one by creating an environment that makes them responsible with their decisions and foster cooperation and harmony.

To conclude, blunders and mistakes normally occur within the workplace. Despite this, managers and management must take an active stand in promoting what is supposed to be done and ensure that all employees follow the necessary rules and regulations to maintain the level of professionalism and foster equality pursuant to the vision and mission of the company/ organization.

Different situations essay

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