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When Some People Win, Must Others Lose, or Are There Situations in Which Everyone Wins

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Often times, people think of their relationships with one another as one of rivalry—some win, some lose. However, some seemingly limited victories may foster situations in which everyone wins. Challenging the traditions to pursue personal goals, people are in fact able to better one another as the society develops as a whole. Within a healthy environment in which personal interest and individual aspirations are encouraged and valued, everyone wins as a result of the improvement of the network as a whole.

Instead of provoking hostile competition and combining the efforts of individuals, a network or a family that respects individual developments can maximize the capability of an individual and therefore the capacity of the community as a whole through the stimulation of independent thinking. Google, for instance, remains one of the most innovative enterprises by promoting the originality of its members rather than imposing systematic collaboration within the company.

At Google, each member is given twenty minutes of freethinking to develop his own ideas, which he could later advance as a personal project. As a result, pioneering ideas such as Google news and Google Earth are able to come to light, allowing Google to keep growing as an entity and its working environment young and innovative. Seemingly personal victories are therefore transformed into ones that contribute to the bigger community through a shared value of pursuit in personal interest and creativity.

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In this situation, everyone wins and grows as an integral part of the family. Similarly, when people challenge conventional ideas to bring about a revolutionary change, everyone within the society wins. Rosa Park and her courageous refusal to give up her seat embody the spirit of a widespread social victory. Not willing to simply accept the supposed superiority of the whites, Rosa Park stood up for herself and her race instinctively without knowing the consequential outcome of her actions.

She refused to acknowledge the natural barrier of race, a discriminating boundary that had been drawn since the creation of the country. Although she was put into jail temporarily, her peers were inspired to defy injustice and abolish segregation, triggering a national civil rights movement that eventually determined American values of freedom and equality that have become an integral part of American identity.

Despite oppositions between different racial groups, the revolution elicited was not a victory of one group but a victory of the nation. America won. Freedom and equality won. Justice won. Motivated by personal interest and guided by a critical view of the world, people can often inspire a victory for all as the society breaks away from the old and embraces the new. There aren’t times when some people must lose, just as society progresses to eliminate the absolutes.

When Some People Win, Must Others Lose, or Are There Situations in Which Everyone Wins essay

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