Essays on Analytics

Essays on Analytics

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PESTLE Analyses

PEST analysis is a convenient method for analyzing the macro environ of an enterprise. The PEST analysis methodology is often used to assess the key rialto trends of the fervor, and the results can be used in the compilation of SWOT analysis.  PESTEL analysis tool …

AnalyticsFinancial AnalysisPestle Analysis
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About Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Is what is being taught in the Cape Peninsula University of Technology relevant in the testing industry? The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) is a tertiary institution of higher learning and technology. The institution’s main goal is towards education and innovation in the technology …

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Essay on The American Education System

The amount and sort of knowledge being captured by firms these days is staggering. The abundance of information, combined with the poor availableness of powerful knowledge analysis tools, has given rise to a data rich but poor data condition. The widening gap between information and knowledge has generated a pressing want for brand spanking new techniques which can flip these immense amounts of knowledge into “golden …

American EducationAnalyticsEngineeringSecurity
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How Marketing is Becoming Synonymous with Advertising

With the growing complexity and sophistication of the marketing function, marketers need to choose the right set of marketing technology based on a marketing maturity model. Peter Drucker once elevated the marketing function in his quote, “The business enterprise has two – and only two …

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Critical evaluation of a research article

Introduction This work presents a critical evaluation of the research article entitled, ‘How traumatic is breast cancerPost-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) and risk factors for severe PTSS at 3 and 15 months after surgery in a nationwide cohort of Danish women treated for primary breast cancer’, …

Breast CancerCancerData Analysis
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Apple, IBM tie up to tap global enterprise mobility market

Tech giants Apple and IBM have announced a partnership to aggressively tackle the enterprise market. The ‘landmark partnership’, as the two companies termed it, would change the way work is done, they said. “Apple and IBM are working together to bring iPhone, iPad and IBM …

Words 441
Pages 2
5 Tools for Downloading and Analyzing Twitter Data

If you are running a social campaign, you have to be analyzing your account's data. To do that, you have to do some data mining. Unfortunately, it is a time consuming process that brands often hire whole teams to manage, rather than entrusting it to …

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4 Ways to Find Out How People Found Your Site on Google

As anyone familiar with Google Analytics knows, the platform has kept its keyword data hidden for some time. A number of years ago, it was possible to understand the exact words users searched to find your site, but in 2011, Google began witholding that information, and much …

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4 Ways a ‘Data-Driven’ Approach Anticipates Buyer Behavior

The ability to collect data, analyze it and make decisions has transformed how marketers do their jobs. Marketing used to be an educated guessing game based on experience and instinct, but advances in tools and technology now empower us to profile and predict behaviors about prospects …

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10 Cannabis Startups You Need to Watch

Long gone are the scary days of Reefer Madness and an insurmountable societal fear of cannabis. CNN's Sanjay Gupta recently  a 70-year myth about the enigmatic herb, confirming its medicinal properties. This, while some states are legalizing the herb's recreational use, and even more states already …

AnalyticsStart up
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Why You’ve Got to Do Your Detective Work if You Want Your Small Business to Succeed

The following excerpt is from Wendy Keller’s book . Buy it now from  |  |Did you like math in school? I didn’t, but I sure do like it now. As entrepreneurs, how much you bring in (gross profit) gets reduced by what it costs you to attract that …

AnalyticsSmall BusinessWork
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Why Data is Next Big Opportunity in Indian Agriculture

Two most notable acquisitions in 2016 till date has been Bayer’s $ 66 billion buy out of Monsanto and Verizon’s $4.83 billion buy out of Yahoo. While these mergers come from seemingly two very different industries, there are some common underlying currents in these mega-corporations. Let’s look …

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What Indian Startups Must Know About This Insurance-Focused Accelerator

Global companies have been warming up to the startup space in India in search of disruptive ideas and technology. Charting a similar path, Swiss Reinsurance Co Ltd, generally known as Swiss Re, a Zurich-based reinsurance company launched the first-ever corporate InsurTech accelerator to help startups …

AnalyticsEntrepreneurshipMentorshipStart up
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Top 20 Social-Media Tools to Add to Your Arsenal in 2016

Social media is here to stay in the marketing world and, by all accounts, it will only further penetrate all aspects of life and work. As we enter 2016, many social-media experts are already forecasting the direction of social media in the new year.To be prepared, it’s …

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The 4 Things You Need to Do to Make the Platform Play

I’ve always said that the companies that scale to become large, sustainable and independent franchises are the ones that offer a platform to the market. The constant evolution aspiration for a startup is to go from feature, to product, to platform — to create a …

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What is an analytical essay?
What is an Analytical Essay? An analytical essay will require you to make some argument or claim about what you are analysing. Analytical essays are not summaries. Analytical essays don't sum up the story. Instead, they focus on how it was written.
What is the purpose of a analytical essay?
Analytical essays examine a topic, idea, or character. The purpose of the essay is to aid readers in understanding. Analyses could be conducted through classification, classification, and subdivision, or comparison, contrast.

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