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Sony Products

SONY has produced a lot of various varieties of portable audio whose main target are the youth of the new generation. The sub-categories of these portable audio produced by SONY are:

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  • Walkman mp3 series
  • CD Walkman series
  • CD/Radio/Cassette player
  • Radio
  • Voice recorder
  • Audio Accessories


The major elements of promotion mix include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity.

Advertising is any paid form of non-personal mass communication through various media to present and promote product, services and ideas etc. by an identified sponsor. So far, Sony has advertised its products through many different ways and media. Through TV we have seen different advertisements of its products, Sony also advertise its products by targeting those favorable programs, like sports, series and also it has its own channel called Sony TV channel. Sony uses some events like Miss India 2008 to promote its products.

Sony also uses direct-response advertising. This is type of advertising that encourages the consumer to respond either by providing feedback to the advertiser or placing the order with the advertiser either by telephone, mail or internet. Such advertising is done through direct mail or catalogues. Sony incorporates co-operative advertising in its advertising process. Sony Corporation provides the dealers with the materials and guidelines to develop ads for print, television or radio commercials.

This ensures that messages are in line with, what the manufacture wants to communicate. The company and the dealers usually share the media costs and hence, the name ‘co-operative advertising’. Sales promotion is a marketing discipline that utilizes a variety of incentives techniques to structure sales-related programs targeted to customers, trade and/or sales levels that generate a specific, measurable action or response for a product or service. Sales promotion for example includes free samples, discount, rebates, coupons, ontents and sweepstakes, premiums, scratch cards, exchange offers, early bird prizes, etc. Public relations is a broad set of communication activities employed to create and maintain favorable relationship with employees, shareholders, suppliers, media, educators, potential investors, financial institutions, government agencies and officials and society in general. Through its website, Sony Corporation has its provided contacts for those customers who will be in need of any information from the company.

In this way Sony can create a mutual relationship with its customers and ensure that it serves the wishes and demands of its customers.


Pricing decisions are almost always made in consultation with marketing management. Price is the only marketing mix variable that can be altered quickly. Price variables such as dealer price, retail price, discounts, allowances, credit terms etc, influence the development of marketing strategy, as price is a major factor that influences the assessment of value obtained by customers.

Customers directly relate price to quality, particularly in case of products that are ego intensive of technology bases. Sony being a company which emphasizes product quality, it tends to sell its products with price range from moderately-high to high-prices, depending on the use and the targeted customers.


Decisions with respect to distribution channel focus on making the product available in adequate quantities at places where customers are normally expected to shop for them to satisfy their needs.

Depending on the nature of the product, marketing management decides to put into place an exclusive, selective or intensive network of distribution, while selecting the appropriate dealers or wholesalers. Sony being the company with positions itself as a seller of durable and high-end products, it is practicing selective distribution of its products from the selective dealer i. e. SONY World. Sony distributes its products in various channels. It uses Zero-level channel, one level channel and two-level channel.

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