Essays on Sony

Essays on Sony

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The Other Side of Email

The Other Side of Email Electronic communication has become a part of every aspect of our society and is recognized as being one of the most important and influential aspects of the way we carry out business. The days of anxiously waiting by the mailbox …

Essay ExamplesFacebookInternetPrivacySony
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Barco Projection Systems – 1

Barco Projection Systems – Case Study, Assignment Describe the product line strategy of the Barco Projection Systems Division? BPS has followed a market segment based product line. BPS differentiated these segments based on the scan rate of the projectors. Video segment projectors had scan rates …

Words 1072
Pages 4
Strategic Drift

Identify four organisations that, in your view, are in the different phases of strategic drift (see Exhibit 5. 2). Justify your selection. Strategic drift, as defined by Gerry Johnson in Exploring Corporate Strategy, is the tendency to develop strategies incrementally on the basis of historical …

SonyStrategic ManagementTechnology
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Sony Vaio Case

In China 74% of the people own a desktop and about half the population owns a laptop, considering that half of the country has broadband internet connection, and of the households that own a laptop almost 80% have internet at home, the market for laptop …

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Nintendo Case

1. What factors do you think enabled Sega to break Nintendo’s near monopoly of the U. S. video game console market in the late 1980s? There are a few different factors that allowed Sega to break Nintendo’s near monopoly of the U. S. video game …

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Nintendo Wii Case Study

Wii – Nintendo’s Video Game Revolution Problem Statement: Nintendo’s George Harrison needs a solution to deal with chronic product shortages when unexpected demand exceeds supply despite the increase in manufacturing capacity. Preventing product shortages would also eliminate an opportunity for competitors to increase market share …

Case StudyCompetitionMicrosoftSony
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Nintendo Marketing Plan

Our main competitors, Sony and Microsoft are also jumping into the mobile gaming industry, in order to compete with them, we need to focus on the mobile industry. 23 We should continue to Improve our current consoles. Some of the ways that we can do …

InternetMarketing PlanMicrosoftRetailSony
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Marketing Plan – Sony Playstation

Threats Marketing Objectives Marketing Strategies Target Markets Marketing Mix Implement and Control the Marketing Plan Action Plans Measurement and Control Summary Works Cited Introduction to Marketing Plan This marketing plan is looking at Sonny’s Plantation 3 (ASS). This powerful system is the cutting edge of …

Marketing PlanPlaystationSony
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Brand Audit of Sony Corporation

Brand auditing is a diagnostic tool than helps an organization to understand and evaluated what its brand strategy is, what it stands for, how clearly it is delivering the message and how it is perceived at all consumer touch points. Holistically brand auditing is an …

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Marketing Plan for Canon

Nature of Business and Background: Canon Hong Kong Company Limited (CHK) has been established in 1971. It functions as a base for the strategic planning, marketing, distribution and technical service support of Canon products to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. With Canon’s commitment in bringing …

CameraCompetitionMarketing PlanSony
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Microsoft Marketing Plan

Microsoft Corporation 1. 1 Executive Summary The purpose of this article is to highlight the current marketing strategies of Microsoft Corporation and also to identify the lacking areas where Microsoft should develop new strategies to with stand with the throat cutting market challenges. 1. 2 …

CompetitionMarketing PlanMicrosoftSony
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VIZIO and the Market for the Flat Panel TV

VIZIO HDTV, a well-known brand which was founded by a Taiwanese American William Wang, the brand slogan “Where Vision Meets Value”, headquartered in Irvine, California. In 2007, VIZIO skyrocketed, became America’s best-selling brand of flat panel HDTVs, but also become the first 10 years of …

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The Growing Video Game Market and Competition Among Industry Leaders

Game is one of the biggest markets in the world; most of people like to play game for relaxing, or at the spare time with friends. People of all ages are players. Report has pointed out the global spending on video games-games console hardware and …

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Competitor Analysis of Panasonic’s Plasma TV

Competitor Analysis of Panasonic’s Plasma TV The competition in the market of Plasma televisions (TVs) has been as dynamic as ever. Current Analysis data demonstrates that the number of High Definition Television (HDTV) models in the retail plasma market alone has grown by over 65 …

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Nintendo Marketing Mix

The ideal answer analyzed gamers and a few non-gamer segments, such as moms. Analysis should have included qualitative description why is this segment interested in the Wii and quantitative data, such as the segment’s size and value. Finding quantitative data required research beyond the case, …

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Ways of Protecting the Environment

Our environment is a gift from God so we must take the full responsibility in protecting and preserving it. Good environment can make people feel happy and fit. To improve the environment means to improve our life. Therefore, human beings can protect the environment in …

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Game Console Industry

The game console industry is unpredictable, as the market leader changes as frequently as new games being released. Currently, the most prominent console manufacturers in the industry are Sony (PlayStation), Microsoft (Xbox), and Nintendo (Wii). While Sony and Microsoft focus on powerful machines and games …

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Sony Financial Report

Introduction Sony Corporation (Sony), a leading manufacturer of consumer goods, was founded in May 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Originally called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company), Sony continues to be the one of the most extensive entertainment companies – with interests …

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Sony Case 1991-2003

Exploring Corporate Strategy CLASSIC CASE STUDIES Restructuring Sony Vivek Gupta and Konakanchi Prashanth The electronics and media giant Sony was struggling through the late 1990s and early part of the 21st century. With each disappointment, it seemed that Sony’s management launched another restructuring of the …

InternetPublic HealthSonyTechnology
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Sony PESTLE Analysis

Introduction: This course work is to evaluate the different factors affecting the international business. Such as political, social, economical, and technological. You will see all these factors to be discussed in a chosen company and it also contains supply chain with logistic process of the …

E-commercePestle AnalysisSony
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Corporate Governance Sony and BMW

Good corporate governance as a system of governance is essential from all points of view  legal, social, ethical and economic. Sony and BMW (Germany) have established a strong network helping the society and the nation at large, which has introduced confidence amongst its shareholders. Auditors …

Corporate GovernanceGovernanceSony
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Effects of technology change on Sony Corp

Introduction Sony Corporation is one of the world’s top electronic company, based in Tokyo Japan. Sony came in to existence in 1946 and since then well known for its quality products. The main products of the company are Audio: Home audio, portable audio, etc. Video: …

Effects of TechnologySony
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Marketing Strategy and Objectives

For starters, the video game industry is a very lucrative business proliferating a bevy of billion dollar business. The majority of the video game industry’s market is currently overwhelmed by Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox. Erstwhile video game mogul, Nintendo, is more than aware the …

MarketingMarketing StrategyNintendoPlaystationSony
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Barco Projection Systems

All current BPS development projects should be put on hold to facilitate the January launch of the BG800 at the 1999 Infocomm Trade show. The BG800 should replace the BG400 and should be priced between 800,000Bfr and 100,000Bfr. A lower specification model (The BG700) should …

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Blu-ray strategy

“Are you ready to go blu” runs the Sony campaign for Blu-ray discs. The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) developed the Blu-ray technology in the year 2000. “The Blu-ray disc is a next generation optical disc format that enables the ultimate high-def entertainment experience” – this …

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Nintendo Case Study

Case Analysis Part 1 Introduction Case 7 of the textbook titled Essentials of Strategic Management looked at the video game pioneer Nintendo. The title of the case is Nintendo’s Strategy in 2009: The Ongoing Battle with Microsoft and Sony and was written by Lou Marino …

Case StudyGamingMicrosoftNintendoSony
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Home Video Game

Why the rapid growth of Atari? Why the 1982-85 collapse? How did Nintendo rebuild the industry? What was its strategy? After Bushnell settled on Atari, his first built was the simplest game, which people knew the rules immediately, and this game could be played with …

GamingMicrosoftNintendoRetailSonyVideo Games
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Sony Research Paper

Journey of SONY : A Revolution of Walkman to I-Pod 1981 Walkman II Sony is arguably Japan’s best known company and one of the world’s largest and most well respected consumer-product manufacturers. Its products are world famous and sold everywhere around the globe. Surveys in …

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The Need for Protecting the Environment

Environment, the word is a bit common, everything that surrounds us consist of our environment. We can say that environment is something which provides us everything. But can you think of a single thing we do for our environment ? The answer would most probably …

Words 263
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Emotiv System

Emotiv System Min Company Background When Tan Le and Nam Do sold their company and earned a large of money in 2003, they decided to take a new challenge about processing brain signals. Then, together with Allan Snyder, a physicist and Neil Weste, a chip …

Words 687
Pages 3
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Sony Group Corporation, commonly known as Sony and stylized as SONY, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

May 7, 1946, Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan


Minato City , Tokyo, Japan


Kenichiro Yoshida (Apr 1, 2018–)


Sony Pictures, Sony MusicEntertainment Japan, Sony Music Entertainment


Akio Morita, Masaru Ibuka


8.999 trillion JPY (US$81.38 billion, 2021)

Frequently asked questions

What is Sony known for?
Sony is a Japanese company that is known for a variety of products, ranging from electronics to video games. Some of Sony's most popular products include the PlayStation gaming console, the Walkman music player, and the Trinitron television. In recent years, Sony has also become known for its line of Xperia smartphones.
What is Sony brand personality?
Sony's brand personality is youthful, innovative, and stylish. The company's products are often seen as cutting-edge and its marketing is aimed at consumers who are early adopters of new technology. Sony is also known for its strong commitment to design and its products are often seen as stylish and well-made.
What does Sony stand for?
Sony is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo. The company was founded in 1946 and has since grown to become one of the leading electronics manufacturers in the world.The company's name is a combination of two words: 'sonus' meaning sound, and 'sonny' meaning young and vibrant. The name was chosen to represent the company's young and innovative spirit.Today, Sony is a diversified company with interests in a wide range of businesses, including electronics, gaming, entertainment, and financial services.
Who owns Sony?
Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo. The company owns and operates a variety of businesses in electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services, with a total revenue of $77.43 billion USD as of 2019. Sony Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics, video, communications, video game consoles, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets.The company's current majority shareholder is US investment firm, The Vanguard Group, which owns just over 20% of Sony Corporation. Other major shareholders include Japanese financial institutions such as Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, as well as investment firms BlackRock and Capital Research Global Investors.

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