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Saudi Arabian Airlines

MARMARKETING AND SALES STRATEGY There are very good prospects for Foreign companies who want to export their products to the Saudi Arabian market. However, there are certain marketing procedures and sales techniques which have to be observed in order to develop and sustain business relationships over a long period of time.

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Saudi Arabian Airlines

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. Exporters should ensure regular supplies as per specifications, at the specified time and place already agreed upon and at the stipulated prices. •Any subsequent and sudden price changes, even pertaining to after-sales services, should be avoided. •Exporters' contacts with importers in Saudi Arabia should be direct and regular. •Complete product lines, rather than single products, should be introduced into the Saudi market whenever possible in order to benefit from greater demand stimulation and cost reductions. Exporters are required to check with Saudi importers or directly with the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization, on the precise implementation of Saudi Arabian Standards pertaining to their exported products to the Kingdom. Saudi Standards can be purchased from SASO or the American National Standards Institute, ANSI (11 West 42nd Street, New York City, NY 10036, telephone number (212)642-4900 or fax number (212)302-1286). •Exporters to Saudi Arabia should display their products regularly in the major commercial urban centers of the Kingdom.

Necessary permission is obtained by writing or contacting directly the Director, Exhibitions Department, Ministry of Commerce. •Efforts should be made to improve the appearance of exported commodities by means of attractive packaging. •Products to be exported should be properly branded and labeled both in English and Arabic

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