Essays on Theatre

Essays on Theatre

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Theatre? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place. Theatre essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Theatre, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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Reaction Paper About a Play

Presents “ E ” The Dulaang Filipino is the College’s resident theater company. It is empowered to educate its audience on various social issues afflicting today’s society. This theatrical show was held at the 5F School of Design and Arts Theater (DLS-CSB SDA Campus). In …

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Pages 2
Ancient Greeks: Theatre as Competition and Ritual

Ancient Greeks: Theatre as Competition and Ritual The ancient Greeks were the inventors of what is today known as “theater. ” Beginning with religious ritual celebrations and competitions, they created an art form which has been parent to the modern theater, as well as television …

Ancient GreeceCompetitionDionysusTheatre
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Brecht’s The Good Person of Szechwan is an apt representation of the theory of epic theater

Brecht’s Epic Theatre is a theatre of destroyed illusions and a wide awake audience which took birth from the theory of Korschian Marxism which saw ideology as a material force that served as an important tool of dominance. It is a theatre of instruction and …

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Stanislavski- Method Acting and Its Importance

Stanislavski and ‘The Method’ “To become a successful actor one must erase personal experience and emotions and build their character from nothing. ” – Lee Strasburg. Konstantin Sergeyevich Alexeyev was born in Moscow, Russia in 1863. He was first seen on stage at the age …

DramaEntertainmentEssay ExamplesTheatre
Words 983
Pages 4
Theme in ‘Shakespeare in Love’

Describe one idea worth learning about in the text. Explain why it was worth learning about. John Madden’s Shakespeare in love is a ‘romantic comedy’ set in sixteenth century England. Through its two unfortunate protagonists, Will Shakespeare ‘a lowly player’ with writer’s block and wealthy …

BusinessLoveRomanticismTheatreWilliam Shakespeare
Words 1196
Pages 5
Post Colonial India English Drama

English Literature Eng 102 Term Paper II Topic: Post-Colonial Indian English Drama India has the longest and the richest tradition in drama. During the age of the Vedic Aryans, drama was performed in a simple way. Different episodes from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the …

Words 1483
Pages 6
Analysis of the Film Genre – Musical Film

The musical film has always held a special place for me. From my time as a drama student in high school, my eyes have been opened to the amazing world of the musical and especially the musical film. The musical film is a film genre …

Words 1357
Pages 5
The Exploration of the Rite of Spring Costumes

Greenshields #1 The research for this paper was based off a question that came to, while re-visiting the history and celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of Vaslav Nijinsky’s creation of Le Sacre du Printemps, The Right of Spring that premiered in 1913. This question in …

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Pages 9
An Exploration of the Malay Kompang

An Introduction to the Kompang The Malay Kompang ensemble refers to a Malay drum ensemble that ranges between three performers in a small chamber or accompaniment setting, to a large group of 30 drummers. As an instrument, the Malay Kompang is so familiar to most …

Words 2512
Pages 10
Site visit report

Visiting theatre is always exciting and interesting. It gives a lot of new information and new expressions. In order to be organized well enough any cultural site must be created as well-developed, complex structure with its each branch accomplishing its own functions. (more…)

Words 42
Pages 1
Common Features of a Shakespeare Comedy

What makes a Shakespeare comedy identifiable if the genre is not distinct from the Shakespeare tragedies and histories? This is an ongoing area of debate, but many believe that the comedies share certain characteristics, as described below:  Comedy through language: Shakespeare communicated his comedy through …

Words 1436
Pages 6
Rise of Modern Drama

The Rise Of Modern Drama It is known as one of theatre’s greatest periods today. The modern drama period is shaped by world-changing forces, such as industrial-technological revolution, democratic revolutions, and an intellectual revolution that would disrupt earlier conceptions of time, space, the divine, human …

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Comparing Stanislavski and Brecht’s Acting Techniques

Comparing Stanislavski and Brecht’s acting techniques Early life Bertolt Brecht was born in Augsburg, Bavaria. On the 10th February 1898 Brecht’s home life was comfortably middle class, despite his occasional attempt to claim peasant origins. Thanks to his mother’s influence, Brecht knew the Bible, a …

Words 912
Pages 4
Ballet & How Are Ballet Dancers Trained?

Raise your arms and bring your fingers together over your head. Now lift one foot, point your toes, and strike a pose. You are doing ballet. Ballet is a form of dance with graceful steps and arm movements as well as leaps and spins. We …

Words 74
Pages 1
Evolution of Musical Theatre

Lillian Davila  12858751064260 Evolution of Musical Theatre Lillian Davila Mr.ThoenPeriod two3 March 2018Evolution of Musical TheatreIn the musical Pippin, the main character, Pippin sang in Corner of the Sky, “Everything has its seasons, everything has its time.” This line explains that things are constantly changing. …

Words 477
Pages 2
Ballet Performance

Last time i visited ballet performance and saw twelve pieces, though I liked the most “Swan Lake Act II”, “Swan Lake PDD” and “Tchai Celebration”. Actually, it was Tchaikovsky spectacular and I am sure that he is one of the most highly talented composers of …

Words 87
Pages 1
Renaissance Theatre

The Renaissance Theatre By Macey Colburn, Brendan Simpson, Dayana Romero and Bryan D During the late fourteenth through the early seventeenth century an awaking of the arts and learning boomed in the western world. This awaking or rebirth is known as the Renaissance. The Renaissance …

Words 2120
Pages 8
Greek vs Roman Theatre

Historic playwrights such as Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylus, and Seneca were described as prolific philosophers and geniuses of their times. These men actively participated in the politics surrounding them, and were respected and revered in their society. Each had their own individual style and portrayed their …

Words 2713
Pages 10
Ballet Original

Ballet is a dance-drama performed by one or more dancers accompanied by music. Dancing, music, scenery, and costumes are combined with colorful artistry to express a mood, theme, or story. The dancers perform steps and pantomime carefully worked out by a dance arranger called a …

Words 82
Pages 1
Actor Audience Relationship

Actor Audience Relationship In my most honest opinion, I believe the ideal actor audience relationship is something that transcends the normal criteria for a performer/audience relationship. It can be a passive or active relationship, for both types fulfill their purpose-creating emotional stimuli- on some level. …

Words 643
Pages 3
Thoughts of Francis Bacon About Love

Of Love The ‘Essays’ of Francis Bacon are the first in date of classics of English prose, in proper sense of the term. They are used as class-books almost as much of Shakespeare’s plays. No one in English literature has ever written a greater number …

Francis BaconLoveTheatre
Words 860
Pages 4
Drama Theatre Performance: Postmodernism and Theatre Performance

Postmodernism was a movement that began in the 1960s that affected all forms of art and literature of that time period. Postmodernism followed modernism and it sought to challenge the ideas and values of modernistic theatre, modernism was formed to shake up theatre, introducing new …

Words 1318
Pages 5
Japanese Influence in American Theatre

The Japanese although is not a common ethnicity in the United States have their piece of influence in the entire American people. Their delicacies and arts have proliferated in our society as represented in major restaurants and business establishments promoting them. One way of looking …

Words 720
Pages 3
Ballet and Giselle

Giselle is considered one of the great Romantic ballets. Romantic era was late 18th and early 19th centuries. The period mainly does not follow rational movements but rather Romantic ideas in art influence the ballets. Ballets in Romantic period focus on the conflict between man …

BalletDanceEssay ExamplesMusicRomanticismTheatre
Words 787
Pages 3
Ballet Don Quixote

Marius Petipa was born in Marseille, France in 1818 moved to St. Petersburg in 1847 from Italy and died in Gurzuf Ukraine in 1910. He worked for nearly 60 years at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg and had a profound influence on modern classical …

BalletDanceDon QuixoteTheatre
Words 65
Pages 1
The Origin and Evolution of Masked Theater in Ancient Greece

The origin of masked theater dates back to Ancient Greece, between 550 BC and 220 BC. Initially masks were part of an annual festival dedicated to honoring Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and fertility. The festival, named City Dionysia, was held in Athens and …

DionysusEntertainmentEssay ExamplesTheatre
Words 1101
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Study of Theatre’s -isms

The only form of theatre known before realism was romanticism so the world was very scared to accept the new, scary kind of plays. Especially considering that the new style was not always perfect and nice, but sometimes sad and disappointing. Realism didn’t really catch …

Words 392
Pages 2
History of British Theatre

The earliest forms of theatre in Britain were the religious ritual performances of the native Britons. The first theatre in Britain that we may recognize as such was that of the Romans. While we know a great deal about the Roman theatre its effect on …

Words 1545
Pages 6
Swan Lake Comparative Essay

The timeless Swan Lake is today prized as one of the world’s greatest and most renowned classical ballets to ever exist. For over one hundred years Swan Lake has been performed, adapted and rewritten innumerable times to enthrall a wide range of audiences all across …

Words 1138
Pages 5
The Hotel de Bourgogne

The Hôtel de Bourgogne was the first permanent and only theatre that existed in Paris for multiple years, and it included relatively uncommon characteristics. It was built following a narrow rectangular shape that was 102 feet long and approximately 43 feet deep, consisting of an …

Words 1965
Pages 8
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Theatre is a collaborative art form which combines words, voice, movement and visual elements to express meaning. The field of theatre encompasses not only live improvised and scripted work, but also dramatic forms such as film, television and other electronic media.

Frequently asked questions

What is a theatre essay?
A theatre essay is a written piece that critically analyses a particular play or production. It could be an evaluation of the playwright's work, the director's interpretation, the set design, the acting, or any other aspect of the production. A theatre essay should be well-researched and clearly written, with a strong argument supported by evidence from the play itself.
What is theatre and its importance?
Theatre is an important form of art because it allows audiences to experience stories and emotions in a live, interactive setting. It is a unique form of storytelling that can entertain, educate, and inspire people of all ages. Theatre can also help to build community by bringing people together to share an experience.
What makes theatre so special?
Theatre is a special form of entertainment because it is live. The performers are right there in front of you, and you can see everything that is happening. This is different from film or television, where the performers are not right in front of you, and you can't see everything that is happening.Theatre is also special because it is usually interactive. The performers may talk to the audience, or even involve them in the performance. This is different from film or television, where the performers are not usually interactive with the audience.Theatre is also special because it is usually improvised. The performers may not know what is going to happen next, and they have to react to the situation. This is different from film or television, where the performers usually know what is going to happen next, and they are not improvising.
What is theater in your own words?
Theater is a form of art in which people use their bodies and voices to tell stories. Theater can be performed in many different ways, including on stage, in front of a live audience, or in film or television. Theater can be used to entertain, educate, or inspire people.

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