Essays on Sculptures

Essays on Sculptures

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Sculpture in the Indian Subcontinent

The first known sculpture in the Indian subcontinent is from the Indus Valley civilization (3300-1700 SC), found in sites at Enjoy-dare and Harp in modern-day Pakistan. These include the famous small bronze female dancer. However such figures in bronze and stone are rare and greatly …

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Greek Art(Sculpture, Vessels)

Greek Art No matter how accomplished they might be, the works of art we have discussed so far seem alien to us. The ancient cultures that produced them were so different from our own that we find few references in those works to our time. …

ApolloDionysusEssay ExamplesSculptureSculptures
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Comparison of Thee Sculptures

David makes part of a very important character of the bible. It is the name of a small boy named David who defeated a giant named Goliath with a tiny stone. This bible story has inspired many artists among the years to make representations of …

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Kinetic sculptures; phenakistiscope

Artwork creations consisting of continuous moving parts or sounds are examples of kinetic sculptures. Windmills, wheels, mobiles, lava lamps and water all may be considered kinetic sculptures. Paintings giving illusions of continuing into the unknown, such as towers leading and combining into another item of …

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The Imitable Sculptures

Over the course of time, sculptures have helped artists provoke emotions amongst individuals through use of unique structure, solidary formations, and admirable detail. Sculptures enable members of a society to visually understand and identify various historical references by having the ability to both touch and …

ARTEssay ExamplesSculptureSculptures
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How To Talk About Sculpture

Consider if the material is an advancement for that time (I. E. Oil paints) 3. Subject – what or who does it represent? 4. Method of sculpting? Additive Roding subtractive Michelangelo found object Decamp 5. Tyler/period? Regional satirical artist’s personal style (style of the workshop) …

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Classical Sculpture of the Greeks: a Journal Review.

Article Review; “What is ‘Classical’ Sculpture” by Walter R. Agard Jakob Mattern HUM 2220, prof. Warner Ph. D. Th, 6:00pm-8:45pm Word Count: 1102 The word ‘classic’; used to describe styles of music, painting, sculpture, architecture, and even manufactured consumer goods. If ever there was a …

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I. Brief Overview of different sculpture styles A. Egyptian Sculpture

Egyptian sculpture is distinct in their symbolic formality based on an ancient set of rules for three-dimensional works of art and were not meant to capture or memorialize a certain event or point in time. Egyptian sculpture is primarily used for religious purposes, mostly to …

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Kinetic Sculptures

A sculpture or three dimensional work of art, can not only be stationary, but kinetic.  Kinetic sculptures can and does move.  Many times mobiles are fixed to a baby’s crib to engage the child in active visuals.  The same principle is used in kinetic sculptures …

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The sculpture Bodhisattva

The sculpture Bodhisattva had the strongest impact upon me for various reasons. This piece, found in the Silk Road Chicago collection at the Art Institute of Chicago, is a cross-cultural work with obvious Eastern and Western influences. This sculpture is a beautiful 2nd to 3rd …

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Compare Contrast Greek and Roman Art

Compare Contrast Greek And Roman Art And Architecture Compare/Contrast Greek and Roman Art and Architecture Since the onset of Greek and Roman civilizations centuries ago we have seen the art and architectural worlds evolve into what we know them as today. In fact, many of …

Ancient RomeARTSculpture
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Discobolus by Myron (Ancient Greek Art)

In any history, and above all in the history of art, there are two main aspects, from which the subject may be considered. The subject may be either studied from the point of view of general tendencies, the development of types and ideas, their national …

Ancient GreeceSculpture
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Two Statuettes of Two Worshipers

“Two Statuettes of two worshipers”, from the Square Temple at Eshnunna (modern Tell Asmar), Iraq, ca. 2700 BCE. Ever since the beginning of time man has always had an eye for art. They have always been fascinated by what they see. For the most part …

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Formal Analysis of Statue of Eros Sleeping

The statue of Eros sleeping is one of the key attractions in the metropolitan museum collections for the lovers of ancient Greek history. A glimpse at the magnificent work of art takes one away, far back in time to the Hellenistic age. Clearly it is …

ARTEssay ExamplesGodGreeceMuseumSculpture
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Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Balance in Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and Butterfield’s Verde

Since balance is a key design principle in art, it is important that the artist achieve it in one of two ways. A piece of art must be either symmetrical or asymmetrical to skeletal achieve balance and not create tension in the work. When a …

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The Kiss: Brancusi and Rodin

Auguste Rodin was a French artist most famous for his sculpting. He was born in 1840 and survived into the Twentieth century, dying in November of 1917.  He possessed and innate ability to sculpt in clay, creating dynamic movement in roughly pock marked human figures …

AestheticsARTEssay ExamplesSculpture
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Art History Nike of Samothrace

“Nike of Samothrace” was sculpted in second century AD during the hellenistic culture. This 8ft high sculpture was found on an island called Samothrace, north of the Aegean, and though beautifully carved, the artist is not known. It was discovered at a sanctuary in a …

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Dionysus with Pan

The chosen art piece, from Roman origin, is titled “Dionysus” and portrayed Dionysus, the god of wine, with his follower Pan. This artwork is a great example of Greek art’s influence in Roman artwork. The main elements of Greek’s naturalistic art, specifically of High Classical …

ARTDionysusEssay ExamplesSculptureWine
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Michelangelo Pieta

Evan O’Meara September 18, 2012 Humanities Seminar WF 11:30 Prof. Lomanno The Beauty of Pieta Michelangelo Buonarroti is one of the most critically acclaimed artists in human history. His artwork was created during the time of the Renaissance (15th century-17th century Europe). The Renaissance was …

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Architecture Essays – Baroque Architecture Characteristics

Baroque Architecture CharacteristicsIntroductionThe Baroque period took the humanist Roman position of Renaissance architecture and showed it in a new rhetorical, theatrical and sculptural manner they expressed the victory of absolutist church and province. The chief position of Baroque architecture was more concerned about colour, visible …

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The Iconography of the Buddha Image

For the following report the concept of iconography in regard to the images of Buddha from the South Asia region (1-5 cc. A. D. ) is important. In general, iconography in art stands for studying the imagery or symbolism of the work of art; in …

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Spontaneous Trip to Rome with Free Air Miles

It was the night of my dad’s birthday that my godmother Jill explained how she had free air miles, and wondered if there was somewhere I’d most like to visit? Jill had already invited my mother to go with her. I replied, “I’d love to …

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Ancient Greece and Its Influence

Ancient Greece: The Most Influential Civilization Throughout history, civilizations have had many forms of government and many styles of art and architecture. But despite some fantastic architecture and some legitimate forms of government, no civilizations have influenced today’s government, art and architecture quite like the …

Ancient GreeceArchitectureARTDemocracyGreeceSculpture
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Marble Female Figure

Marble Female Figure Cycladic Final Neolithic, ca. 4500-4000 BC Bequest of Walter C. Baker, 1971 (1972. 118. 104) “The figure represents a rare type known as steatopygous characterized by particularly full legs and buttocks, and is undoubtedly indicative of fertility. “ RACHELLE DARDEN Rachelle Darden …

Words 394
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Maman/Louise Bourgeois

Louise, a twelve year old girl drawing missing segments on a tapestry for her parents’ tapestry repair shop lives her life lacking the knowledge of what she is going to be when she grows up. She begins to study math which she loves to do, …

ARTEssay ExamplesPaintingSculptureWriter
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Large Kneeling Statue of Hatshepsut

The Large Kneeling Statue of Hatshepsut is a magnificent piece of art located in the Egyptian section next to many other statues of the great pharaoh Hatshepsut. Out of all the statues of Hatshepsut, the Large Kneeling Statue of Hatshepsut was kept in the best …

ARTEssay ExamplesPharaohSculpture
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Laocoon and His Sons

This essay is an attempt to address the marble sculpture commonly known as Laocoon and His Sons, and why exactly I believe it to be a work of high art, of great value and significance to the species. Laocoon and His Sons is a marble …

Greek MythologySculptureTroy
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Ugly or Beautiful

Ugly or Beautiful? It is well known that beauty and ugliness are opposites. If that is so, how can art be ugly and beautiful at the same time? Some pieces of art are ugly to the eyes but beautiful mind. The Venus of Willendorf (Venus …

Words 563
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Museum Project Formal Analysis

The Tiber Muse The Tiber Muse, originally discovered in the vicinity of the Tiber River in Rome in 1885, is a product of the Graeco-Roman era and is dated around the 2nd-1st century BCE. This date and other formal qualities of the sculpture such as …

Words 1655
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Ugolino and His Sons

He won the Prix de Rome in 1854 which enabled him to live in Rome (1856 – 1862). During that time he was influenced by the works of Italian sculptors of the Renaissance period such as Michelangelo, Donatello, and Andrea Del Verrocchio. He also started …

Words 580
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Sculpture is the branch of the visual arts that operates in three dimensions. It is one of the plastic arts. Durable sculptural processes originally used carving and modelling, in stone, metal, ceramics, wood and other materials but, since Modernism, there has been an almost complete freedom of materials and process.


Casting involves making a mould and then pouring a liquid material, such as molten metal, plastic, rubber or fibreglass into the mould. A cast is a form made by this process. Many sculptures are produced by the artist modelling a form (normally in clay, wax or plaster).


Sculpture has been used as a form of human expression since prehistoric times. The earliest known works of sculpture date from around 32,000 B.C. Early man created utilitarian objects that were decorated with sculptural forms.

Three types

What Are the Three Main Types of Sculpture? Historically three different creation methods could define sculpture. These three traditional methods of sculpture-making are modeling, carving, or joining. These creation types could use any of the three traditional primary materials or modern alternatives.

Art sculptures

  • The Thinker
  • David of Michelangelo
  • Laocoön and His Sons
  • Little Dancer of Fourteen Years
  • Roman sculpture

Sculpture artists

  • Louise Bourgeois
  • Auguste Rodin
  • Henry Moore
  • Antony Gormley
  • Pablo Picasso

Frequently asked questions

What is the sculptures?
The sculptures are a beautiful work of art. They are made out of stone and are very intricate. Each one is different and has its own unique design. They are often used as decorations in homes and gardens.
How to write sculptures essay?
When writing an essay on sculptures, it is important to keep in mind the following tips:- Make sure to do your research on the specific sculpture you are writing about. This will ensure that you have a strong understanding of the piece and can write about it in an informed way.- Start by giving a brief overview of the sculpture in question. What are its most important features? What does it represent?- delve deeper into your analysis of the sculpture. What do the different elements of the piece mean? How does the sculpture make you feel?- Use specific examples and quotes from your research to support your points.- Conclude your essay by summarizing your thoughts on the sculpture. What does it say about art, about the artist, and about the world around us?
How to start sculptures essay?
When starting a sculptures essay, it is important to first choose a specific sculpture to focus on. Once you have selected a sculpture, you will need to provide some basic information about it in your introduction. This should include the title of the sculpture, the artist who created it, and the date it was created. You will also need to briefly describe the sculpture and its significance. In the body of your essay, you will then need to provide a detailed analysis of the sculpture. This should include a discussion of the form, composition, and meaning of the sculpture. Finally, you will need to conclude your essay by discussing the overall importance of the sculpture.
How To Describe A Sculpture In An Essay
When describing a sculpture in an essay, it is important to discuss the form of the sculpture, the materials used, and the significance of the sculpture.When discussing the form of the sculpture, it is important to look at the overall shape of the sculpture and how the different parts of the sculpture work together. It is also important to look at the texture of the sculpture and how the different parts of the sculpture feel to the touch.When discussing the materials used in the sculpture, it is important to identify the type of material used and why that particular material was chosen. It is also important to look at the way the material was used and how it impacted the overall look and feel of the sculpture.When discussing the significance of the sculpture, it is important to look at the meaning of the sculpture and how it relates to the culture and history of the location where it is located. It is also important to look at the personal significance of the sculpture and how it has

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