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Saudi Arabian Earrings

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Saudi Arabia is known for having a rich culture. This is one of the countries where traditional costumes, jewelries and ornaments still matter. Women in Saudi Arabia use earrings as part of their customary beliefs and cultural practices. And as such, Saudi Arabia’s market is being targeted for this purpose. Since earrings are used as ornaments in the Saudi Arabian culture, women are very sensitive and particular in choosing and buying the earrings that are appropriate for their culture.

Aside from these, Saudi Arabian women spend a lot on jewelries and they are less particular of the price and quantity as long as the item satisfies their need for it. And since we are going to develop a product that aims to capture women's attention because of the use of timeless stones, worthy and affordable accessories, and creative and elegant designs, Saudi Arabia was chosen to be the target market of this product. Mass Marketing Since earrings are perceived as necessary products in Saudi Arabia, the item is subject to mass marketing.

No particular group in the country will be targeted for the product, as such, this means that this product can be introduced to a larger market. Thus, as marketers we will make variety of designs for the customers. This product is expected to be patronized by females from different classes. We are going to produce earrings of different designs in order to capture the attention of women from upper and lower classes. Aside from women, men can also be a target market because they may purchase earrings as gifts to their female family members.

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Segmentation In developing a product, the common needs and wants of the market should be identified first (“Market Segmentation”). This product was planned to be distributed to Saudi Arabia based on psychographic segmentation. Saudi Arabia was targeted for the product because they share the same values and lifestyle. Because of that, it will be easier for us to distribute and sell our product to this country. Multiple Segment We will develop different versions of the product offering for each segment.

Since mass marketing will be applied, it is important that the product will have variety of designs. The upper class may buy the earrings with a larger stone but the customers who belong to lower class would refer to buy earrings with the most affordable price (“Market Segmentation”). For Bedouin women, we will create earrings that will be suitable for their social and economical status while some designs will be intended for married women (Ross). Other earrings will be designed for some Saudi Arabian traditions such as dowry and gifts for special occasions.

Positioning It is indeed true there are a lot of competitors in the market. The product to be endorsed is no longer new in the market because a lot of manufacturers have also developed this kind of product. Yet, in order to be ahead of the competition, we would create a unique selling proposition so that the customers will buy the product instead of the others’. We will endorse this product not only as symbol of their culture and beliefs but also as a fashion trend.

Our product has an elegant style which can be used in all occasions and events. Aside from that, the advertisement would highlight how the product was carefully designed especially for the women of Saudi Arabia. We created a lot of styles so that the customers can choose from variety of designs of the product. As such, in order to fully capture the interest of the target market and to entice them into patronizing our product, we must be able to identify our products with our selected target markets (Pezzullo 142).

Target Concentrated. Although the mass marketing was applied and the product was created with different designs, the earrings will be distributed only in this country. We will concentrate on distributing and creating earrings for the target market only for the mere reason that the product was exclusively made for Saudi Arabian women. Through this strategy of specializing our product, the distribution and promotional tactics, our limited resources will be utilized in order to attain the highest level of benefits that can be gained from it (Pezzullo 142).

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