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Business plan for online art gallery

Introduction The development of internet business has taken the world by storm and art business is no different. Today all most all the established galleries of past have adopted to this new medium and new ventures are mushrooming across world almost everyday. Internet has specifically …

ARTArt GalleryBusiness Plan
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Business plan for an online art gallery

Task 1 You need to do some research to familiarise yourself with the subject area and to gain some ideas about how you can carry out the rest of the project. There are a number of websites that specialise in the sale of paintings and …

ARTArt GalleryBusiness Plan
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Pages 12


How do you describe an art gallery?
A space for the presentation of art (usually visual art) is called an art gallery. ... Although galleries are mostly used to display works of art, some art galleries can be used to host other artistic activities.
What is the purpose of an art gallery?
The roles of galleries are multiple, both visible, and invisible. To incubate their artists, sometimes by going beyond the usual work of selling works, promoting them, and putting on shows; and to provide financial management or book publishing services, to help their artist...
How do I write an art gallery report?
Start with a basic description of the work. Complement your outline with a description of the artwork. Create your report. Use your outline as a guideline and dedicate a paragraph each major item to your report.

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