Should Rich Nations Lend Aid to Poor Ones

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2020
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Globalization is one of culprits causing greater development gaps among countries over the world, and the act of lending aid is remarkable behavior of rich nations to assist poor ones. To some people, rich nations should lend aid to poor ones because of its economic, diplomatic, politic and military advantages. Meanwhile, opponents claim that on account of their possibilities of financial distress in the future, they should not do so. I am of the former notion for the following reasons. The first reason for rich countries do lend aid to impoverished ones is economic advantage.

By dint of this act, they can achieve particular preferences from recipients which other ones cannot have, such as: economic cooperation agreements in types of ODA , mineral exploitation priorities and so on. Furthermore, companies in rich nations also benefit through expanding consumption markets in abroad easily, opening new branches, production and assembly factories to take advantages of redundant natural resources and cheap-labor source that receiving countries possess. This is enormously meaningful to their economic development.

The intensity in international relationship, in addition, is another benefit of this activity. As the result of financial assistance to each others, the relationships between countries becomes friendlier, which is the foundation of international integration, cooperation and peace Finally, these financial supports might provide developed countries with favorable conditions to affirm their positions both in the region and in the world. This allows them have enough authority to affect other ones politically and militarily, which is stepping-stone to implement their ambitions to become number one in the whole world.

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