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Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Contact Details A) Regional offices of Higher Education :Sr. No. 1 Name of the Joint Director Address Joint Director of Higher Education 3, Mahapalika Marg, Dhobi Talav, Vistar No. 3, Mumbai-1 Joint Director of Higher Education, 17, Dr, Ambedkar Marg, Pune-01. Joint Director of Higher Education, Vidynagari, Sagarmaal, Rajaram College Area, Kolhapur-4. Joint Director of Higher Education, Old Morris College Area, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Nagpur-1. Joint Director of Higher Education, Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran office st building, 1 floor, Behind Grahak Court , Jalgaon -1.

Joint Director of Higher Education, Vidhrab institute Area, Amarvati-64. Joint Director of Higher Education, Padampura, Station Road, Near Devgiri College, Aurangabad-1. Phone No. 022-22656600 022-22691528 Fax No. 22656600 E-mail jdhe_mumbai@rediffmail. com jdhemumbai@yahoo. co. in jd@jdhemumbai. org. in jdhere@dataone. in jdhepune@yahoo. co. in jdhepune@gmail. com jtdirhekopre@diffmail. com jtdirhekop@sancharnet. in jdhengp@rediffmail. com Dr. Smt. Manjusha Molawane 2 Dr. N. M. Kadu 20-26127833 020-26051632 0231-2535400 0231-2535454 0712-2524231 26237833 2535400 3 Dr. B. B. Kadam 2561713 4 Dr. Ajit Deshmukh 0257-2238510 2238510 jdhe_jal@yahoo. co. in 5 Dr. A. P. Manekar 0721-2531235 25311235 6 Dr. B. B. Chaudhary jdheamt@yahoo. com jdheamt@rediffmail. com jdheaur2007@rediffmail. com 0240-2331913 2331913 7 Prof. Mohd. Faiyyaz 8 Dr. Smt. Urmila Dhoot Joint Director of Higher Education, Near 02462-253144 Govt. Polytechnic, Yashwant College, Nanded-5. Joint Director of Higher Education Govt. B. Ed.

College Area, Mumbai Pune Marg, Panvel -6 Joint Director of Higher Education, Solapur- Pune Road, Solapur University Area, Kegaon, Solapur-55. 253244 jdhe. nanded@yahoo. co. in jdhe. nanded@yahoo. com 022-27453820 -- 9 Dr. Smt. R. E. Shikalgar (Bhosale) govt-bed. college@ rediffmail. com 10 Dr. B. B. Kadam 0217-2744770 Ex. 170 0217-2350055 2744770 jtdirhesol@rediffmail. com Contact Details of Directorate of Higher Education, Central Building, Pune-01 Office Address :- Directorate of Higher Education, Central Building,

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Pune-01 Office Phone No. :- (020) 26126939 Office E mail ID Office Fax No. Sr. No. 1 :- dhepune@yahoo. co. in :- (020)26111153 Mobile No. E-mail Name of Officer in Scholarship Wing Shri. Hemant R. Deore 09421613520 dhepune@yahoo. co. in 2 Prof. Deepak D. Lull 09552626411 dhesch2011@yahoo. in 3 Mr. Anand R. Deshmukh 09822053474 ardeshmukh2005@yahoo. co. in 4 Miss Arshiya Sayyed 09673197515 arshiyas91@gmail. com 5 Miss Priya Andil 09689648868 piyu_andil@yahoo. co. in

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