Poor and Rich in Society

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“It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak There are many things and people in this world that is classified as the strong like for example, nations, individuals….. but then there are many things and people in this world that is classified as the weak. This term is commonly view as the unemployed, 3rd world countries, physically disable…… Thousands and thousands of university students graduate each year.

Yet despite, the fancy gowns and certificate, nearly most of them struggle to find a job due to the huge amount of candidates and competitions for this portion of the population they are very dependent on benefit. Yet for people who are very stable and moneyed think that taxes goes to people that can’t sort them self out. In today’s society, we have a fixed idea of sterotype, like the homeless for example, they are dirty, slopy, useless…. these views are common, especially if they try to look for a job. Most of the time these fixed views is made by the strong.

A homeless person can be anyone, how they became homeless depends on their own story. If someone who has a stable job, a large amount of saving and their own keys to their own front doors, and are willing to gamble all that away because of their own stupidity, then of course is their own doing. But if someone who is willing and tried and tried yet still they have not succeeded, then yes, the strong must help the weak. As time passes everyone grows old, for people who could afford a pension can have a secure life until the very end, but for the other half it’s entirely different story.

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Old people are normally physically weak. For some they don’t even have a family or money so again it’s the duty of the strong to help the weak. Christians would agree with this statement because take the good of symaraphan for example, a man was robed, several people walked pass and at the end a person helped him and he wasn’t one of those people who was at high position of the church just a normal ordinary person. Some people think that making money is the main purpose of their lives; this goes against Christian teaching.

Christianity says that having money is wrong if money becomes the main focus of a person’s life, or is gained dishonestly. In recent years the Christian churches have concerned themselves more with issues such as poverty and the fairer distribution of wealth in the world. A few very rich nations own most of the world’s wealth and therefore resources of all kinds are not distributed equally Muslims would also agree with this statement because one of the pilgrims is called zakah, zakah is 2. 5% of a Muslim’s income and savings after they have taken care of their families.

The rich pay more than those with less money and very poor people pay nothing at all. Muslims can also give voluntary charitable donations called sadaqah when someone is in need. I agree with this statement because the more unable you are the less likely that chances will come, unless some sort of assistance is given. In conclusion, I believe the statement is base on individual thoughts because depending on the life style of the person the way they think also varies as well.

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