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London 2012: Did the Olympics benefit all, or leave a legacy of widening social inequality?

The Olympic Games have become a much sort after event by cities around the world. It is seen as an opportunity for the city not only to enhance and broaden its profile, but showcase its potential as an attractive place for investment (Hiller, 2006, p.318). …

LegacyPovertySocial InequalityUnemploymentWealth
Words 111
Pages 1
The Jesuit Legacy in India

Abstract The Jesuits arrived in India in 1542 A. D. to carry out Christ’s command to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Over the last 500 years, they have woven themselves into the very fabric of India with deep psychological, theological and …

Words 3711
Pages 14
Building Your Own Legacy: A Retirement Speech

It was 1966 when a young [man/woman] entered this company immature and raw, with an overall purpose of doing nothing but being able to exit it with the accomplishment that only the best employees could have done. This [man/woman] who is now about to exit …

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Legacy of the Kazakh Khanate in the Political Culture and Traditions

In 1991 year new state the Republic of Kazakhstan is appeared on the map. The history and culture of Kazakhstan is numbered a thousand years. One of the important issues is about aboriginal population’s origin, formation and origins of its nationality, development of culture and …

Words 2027
Pages 8
Legacy of colonialism and the economic development

One of the impacts of colonialism is in the development of trade and commerce between regions and countries that continue to be major factors in today’s economics. South Asia’s economy remains intimately connected to that of its colonizers, primarily with that of the United Kingdom’s. …

Words 722
Pages 3
The Legacy of Louis Leakey

The search for the explanation of human origins is the goal and often life long commitment of many Anthropologists. Every time a major discovery is made we move closer to discovering a piece of the puzzle that is human evolution. Major contributions have been made …

Words 1905
Pages 7
Michael Fullan and his Long-lasting Legacy

Michael Fullan is acknowledged as one of the leaders in teacher instruction and a major advocate of educational reform in the whole universe. He is an icon in the planetary academic community and holds esteemed places in honored educational establishments in Canada.The celebrated Fullan is …

Decision MakingLegacyTeacher
Words 3050
Pages 12
The Legacy of the Canadian Residential School System

We all have an identity in this world. When we were born as human beings, we were all given an identity based on our gender, ethnicity, and the society we were born in. This identity is further strengthened by our experience throughout the journey to …

Words 1708
Pages 7
Alexander the Great’s Legacy

Alexander the Great was one of the best generals the world has ever seen. His determination helped him spread the Greek culture (also called Hellenism) throughout his empire. In a short thirteen years, Alexander conquered the Persians and controlled one of the biggest empires in …

Alexander GreatEssay ExamplesLegacy
Words 442
Pages 2
The Hippie Legacy

The Hippie Legacy. – Counterculture movement; began in US, spread to UK; big from 1965, declined in 1970s; white, 15-25 of age, mostly students; seen as wasters, druggies, idiots, green-freaks; heavily influenced by music (Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles); easily identified by their style – tried …

Words 706
Pages 3
Erp vs Legacy System

Ng, Martin M. T. , School of Computing, National University of Singapore, 3 Science Drive 2 Singapore 117543, ngmongth@yahoo. com. sg Tan, Michael T. K. , School of Computing, National University of Singapore, 3 Science Drive 2 Singapore 117543, mtan@comp. nus. edu. sg Abstract Being …

Words 5698
Pages 21
The Legacy and Impact of the Shinkansen Technology

Japan was among the countries that realized the potential problems of the automobile. In thickly-populated cities such as Tokyo and the huge population of the country itself, the car was not the way to move forward. Japan pioneered in the construction of a dedicated railway …

Words 71
Pages 1
Legacy of Algeria

Algeria remains one of France’s most valuable possessions during the colonial period. The country was a French colony for over a century until the early 1960s when nationalist agitation caused independence to be granted to the country. This form of revolt, which began gathering momentum …

Words 1762
Pages 7
The Legacy of Dr. Kaoru

The Legacy of Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa was a Japanese consultant and father of the scientific analysis of causes/ problems in industrial processes. The purpose of this paper is to recognize the life works and address the impacts of Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa’s works …

Words 732
Pages 3
The Legacy of Joseph Warren

When you think about the heroes in the early development of America, we mostly hear the same names. Paul Revere and his famous “Midnight Ride”, or John Adams and John Quincy Adams, and their contributions to the furthering the foundation of the United States. But …

Words 1000
Pages 4
Panama Canal’s Legacy in American History

Assuredly the Panama Canal, If you didn’t know already, was one of the most economic and socialized marvels of its time. It was, at first, attempted by the French in the late 1800s, but they were unable to carry out the canal because of financial …

American HistoryLegacyPanama Canal
Words 2032
Pages 8
Legacy of the Middle Ages in the West

Palm Beach Atlantic University Legacy of the Middle Ages in the west An Essay Submitted to Dr. Gary Poe Humanities II by Blake Nichol March 17, 2010 Legacy of the Middle Ages in the West Dear Friend, I read your argument recently about the Middle …

DiseaseLegacyMedicineMiddle AgesUniversity
Words 1295
Pages 5
Obama Care The Federal Legacy Health And Social Care Essay

The historical development of province wellness attention policies and their development to establishments of the present twenty-four hours has created an environment where the support of province wellness attention and its reform has been a focal point of citizens and governmental entities likewise. Recent province …

HealthLegacyObama Care
Words 1171
Pages 5
The Overwhelming Legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte

The legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte began in 1793 and continues to this day. Although the French general Napoleon left France smaller than it originally was at the beginning of the Revolution in 1789, he was widely respected during his lifetime and thereafter. Napoleon Bonaparte produced …

Words 807
Pages 3
Mao Zedong’s Legacy

Mao Zedong (Mao Tse Tung) was a Marxist theorist and soldier who led the Chinese communist revolution, later became the Communist Party’s leader and eventually became the head of state and Party chairman. While he did not entirely rule China on his own, he can …

ChinaCommunismLegacyMao ZedongMarxismTotalitarianism
Words 634
Pages 3
How has Thatcher and the legacy left by her government changed class mobility in the UK?

Introduction Although in the early twentieth century, social mobility in Britain was a seemingly dubious and slow process, as time went on, more drastic change put it into play. In previous centuries, attempts of social mobility in Britain seemed to move backwards for some classes, …

Words 2323
Pages 9
Retaining Legacy Of Taste

The Chinese proverb ‘wealth does not pass three generations’, which means that the first generation builds the business, second take it forward and third blows up all, might sound appropriate for many legacy businesses globally. However, there are exceptions across sectors, including food, that are …

Words 1027
Pages 4
Ethical Legacy

In my opinion, one of the activities has a positive impact on the work ethic that is voluntary. Every year, I participate in volunteer activities each summer or in the spare time. My friend and I have organized the charity work; participate in community activities …

Words 384
Pages 2
Essay about The Legacy of Joseph Warren

When you think about the heroes in the early development of America, we mostly hear the same names. Paul Revere and his famous “Midnight Ride”, or John Adams and John Quincy Adams, and their contributions to furthering the foundation of the United States. But what …

Words 2146
Pages 8
Valentino’s Legacy

Upon walking in to the Gallery of Modern Art, tucked in around the corner from the State Library and well hidden from view, I was astounded by the sudden rush of sight and sound. Despite my sudden sense of claustraphobia, I forced myself inside. The …

Words 750
Pages 3
Legislation Legacy

Native Americans or the so called American Indians are considered to belong in the minority group by the White Americans.  They were in one way said to be like a third world country because they have a slow pacing in terms of civilization and improvement. …

Words 373
Pages 2
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Frequently asked questions

What is the legacy?
The legacy can mean different things to different people. For some, the legacy may be the lasting impact that they have had on the world around them. Others may see the legacy as the things that they have left behind for future generations, such as their children or grandchildren. Still others may think of the legacy as the sum of all their accomplishments, both big and small.Legacies can be positive or negative, depending on a person's actions and deeds during their lifetime. Those who have led exemplary lives and made positive contributions to society are likely to have positive legacies. On the other hand, those who have led lives of crime or been involved in negative activities are likely to have negative legacies.The legacy that a person leaves behind is often a reflection of their values and priorities. Those who prioritize helping others and making the world a better place are likely to have legacies that reflect these values. Those who prioritize power, wealth, and selfish gain are likely to have legacies that reflect these values as well.Ultimately, the legacy that a person leaves behind is up to them. It is the sum of their actions, deeds, and accomplishments, both big and small. It is the lasting impact that they have on the world around them. It is the things that they leave behind for future generations. And it is a reflection of their values and priorities.
How to write legacy essay?
The best way to write a legacy essay will vary depending on the focus of the essay and the needs of the individual. However, there are some tips that can be followed to ensure that your essay is successful.First, it is important to consider what you want your essay to achieve. Do you want to inspire others with your story, or simply inform them? Keep your audience in mind as you write, and tailor your essay accordingly.Next, you need to decide on the structure of your essay. Will you be telling your story chronologically, or will you be focusing on specific aspects? Choose a structure that will best allow you to achieve your goal.Once you have decided on the focus and structure of your essay, you can start to write. Begin by introducing yourself and your story, and then move into the body of the essay. Be sure to include specific details and examples to illustrate your points.Finally, conclude your essay by summarizing your story and its significance. What lessons can others learn from your experience? What impact do you hope to have on the world? By answering these questions, you can leave your reader with a strong impression of your legacy.
How to start legacy essay?
There are many different ways to start an essay on legacy topics. However, some tips on how to start a legacy essay include introducing the topic with a personal anecdote or story, providing a broad overview of the concept of legacy, or discussing why legacy is important to you personally. Additionally, you may want to start your essay with a quotation about legacy or by defining key terms related to the topic. No matter which approach you take, make sure to grab your reader's attention from the start and to clearly state the purpose or main argument of your essay in the introduction.
How To Write A Legacy Essay
A legacy essay is a personal essay written to inform the reader about your legacy. Your legacy is the story of your life, your accomplishments, your values, and your contributions to the world. The purpose of a legacy essay is to inspire others to live their own lives with purpose and meaning. When writing a legacy essay, it is important to be clear and concise. The essay should be well-organized and should flow smoothly from one point to the next. Be sure to include all of the important details of your story, but don’t get bogged down in the details. The essay should be positive and uplifting, and should leave the reader with a sense of hope and inspiration. Begin the essay by introducing yourself and telling the reader a little bit about your background. Then, describe your accomplishments and how they have made you the person you are today. Be sure to include any challenges you have faced and how you have overcome them. Next, discuss

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