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Total Poor Middle Rich

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Discuss with the help of examples the four key levels of measurement. What mathematical operations/statistical techniques are and are not permissible on data from each type of scale? [Meaning of Measurement scales Types of Measurement scales with examples Mathematical operations/statistical techniques] 4. Processing of data involves editing, coding, classifying and tabulating. Explain each of these steps by taking an appropriate example. [Explanation 5. Distinguish between the following: a. Null hypothesis and Alternative hypothesis b. One tailed and two tailed tests .

Type I and Type II error d. One way and two way analysis of variance e. Descriptive and inferential analysis of data [Differences] 6. A. What is Chi-square test of goodness of fit? What precautions are necessary while applying this test? Point out its role in business decision making. B. Two research workers classified some people in income groups on the basis of sampling studies. Their results are as follow: Investigators Income groups Total Poor Middle Rich 160 10 200 140 120 300 150 50 Show that the sampling technique of tallest one research worker is defective. [Meaning Precautions

Role Formula/Solution/Interpretation to the problem] MEMBER-Legal Aspects of Business 1 . Explain the performance of contracts [Definition Offer of performance Onus of performance] 2. Elaborate the rights of surety. [Rights against the creditor Rights against the principal debtor Rights against co-sureties] 3. Discuss the termination of bailsmen. [Explanation] 4. Explain the performance of a contract of sale of goods. Explanation] 5. Discuss the law related to the prohibition of anti-competitive agreements. 6. Explain the need and types of meetings. [Need for meeting Statutory meetings

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Annual General Meetings Extraordinary meetings Class meetings] INFORM - SECURITY ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT 1. Financial markets bring the providers and users in direct contact without any intermediary. Financial markets permits the businesses and governments to raise the funds needed by sale of securities. Describe the money market/capital market - features and its composition. [Money market- features and composition Capital market-features and composition] 2. Risk is the likelihood that your investment will either earn money or lose money. Explain the factors that affect risk. Mr.. Rural invests in equity shares of Wiper.

Its anticipated returns and associated probabilities are given below: Return -10 5 15 20 probability 0. 05 0. 10 0. 15 0. 25 0. 30 0. 10 0. 05 You are required to calculate the expected ROR and risk in terms of standard deviation. [Explanation of all the 4 factors that affect risk Calculation of expected ROR and risk in terms of standard deviation] 3. Explain the business cycle and leading coincidental & lagging indicators. Analyses the issues in fundamental analysis. [Explanation of business cycle-leading coincidental and lagging indicators Analysis ND explanation of the issues in fundamental analysis all the four points] 4.

Discuss the implications of MME for security analysis and portfolio management. [Implications for active and passive investment Implications for investors and companies] 5. Explain about the interest rate risk and the two components in it. An investor is considering the purchase of a share of EX. Ltd. If his required rate of return is 10%, the year-end expected dividend is RSI. 5 and year-end price is expected to be RSI. 24, Compute the value of the share. [Introduction of interest rate risk Explanation of two components of interest rate risk Calculation of value of the share] 6.

Elucidate the risk and returns of foreign investing. Analyses international listing. [Explanation of all the points in risks and returns from foreign investing Introduction of international listing] MAFIOSI - MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS 1 . Give the meaning of advantages and disadvantages of mergers and acquisitions. Explain the types of Mergers and Acquisitions. [Advantages and disadvantages of mergers and acquisitions Explanation of types of mergers and acquisitions] 2. Write a note on the five-stage model of mergers and acquisitions. [Explanation on vive stage model of mergers and acquisitions] 3.

What do you understand by creating synergy? Give the prerequisites for the creation of synergy. Describe the important forces contributing to mergers and acquisitions. [Introduction of creating synergy Pre requisites for the creation of synergy Important forces contributing to mergers and acquisitions] 4. Demurrer results in the transfer by a company of one or more of its undertakings to another company. Give the meaning of demurrer. What are the characteristics of demurrer? Explain the structure of demurrer with an example. [Introduction of demurrer Characteristics of demurrer Structure of demurrer with example] 5.

Explain Employee Stock Ownership Plans (SOP). Write down the rules of SOP and types of SOP. [Introduction of SOP Rules of SOP Types of SOP] 6. Explain the factors in Post-merger Integration. Write down the five rules of Integration Process. [Factors in Post-merger Integration Five rules of Integration Process] MUMMIFY - TAXATION MANAGEMENT 1 . Explain the concept of tax planning and the factors to be considered in tax planning. Give the difference between tax planning and tax evasion. [Concept of tax planning Factors in tax planning Differences between tax planning and tax evasion] 2.

Explain the process of tax payment. [Explanation of whole process of tax payment through: Individuals Partnerships Companies] 3. Write short notes on: Capital gain Cost of acquisition Cost of improvement Expenditure on transfer Transfer [Each short note carries 2 marks each-(5*2= 10 marks)] 4. Explain the computations of Tax in two aspects given below: Tax provision for Computation of Total income of firms Computation of partnership firms' book profit. [Steps to be explained for the computation of total income of firms Steps for amputation of partnership firms] 5.

Total Poor Middle Rich essay

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