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Science and ethics are closely related and scientist should advance the argument that a ‘just’ priority of interest must recognize and protect the interest of science for the better of human kind (United Nations 2005). It is adopting such values oriented normative framework, with ethical consideration at the forefront that the interest of human king can be served. The principle presented below are in order of their importance, however, each has a critical part to play in the entire code of ethics. The issues addressed touches entirely on this new territory of business operation and are not bound or related to international ethics.

All the areas mentioned in the abstract will be addressed under these codes. The ethics discussed under this address the following areas Human Resource Guidelines, (which includes: ethical treatment of workers, screening, diversity and discrimination, harassment, and affirmative action) , Ethical Marketing and Advertising, Technology Ethics, and Inter-Global Business. The ethics offer solutions to future committed competent and creative people who will find them useful in solving difficult problems. Code of ethics-principles.

To consider the effects of all outer space development on future generation that will live and work in space and on earth. This decisions address to all participants, stockholders, investors and customers. This principle acts as reminders to future participating business to continuously consider how their actions will influence people both on and space. Striving towards good stewardship of outer space and economic resources. The above principle puts pressure on long term commitment to thoughtful long-term planning. The principle undervalues the aspect of short term thinking.

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To ensure highest level in term of integrity, honesty fairness and ethics. Our main focus here is to stay ahead of others and as an example of those who might wish to venture into this business environment. The application of these codes of ethics will be applicable to all stakeholders, stockholders, employees, managers and customers. This people will develop these qualities in their thoughts and actions on behalf of the company. Our business portfolio commitment towards ensuring a free market economy in the outer space. The principle addresses the significance of promoting efficient economic development in space.

It is our concern that this principle will promote and attract more investors who will consider it viable to invest in our corporation. It therefore protect the interest of all stakeholders/ and shareholders. We agree to venture the outer space with lots of respect and core regardless of the presence and absence of life forms. There is a belief that there are lifeless forms which does not guarantee ethical considerations. Our intention would be to do our best based on knowledge to act in all manner possible to treat the space with respect and core. The principle requires extra caution in all business operations.

In this principle we acknowledge that our presence and operations in the outer space present unpredicted results.  Our business employees will have to concur to be responsible and accountable for the ethical economic development the company embarks on in the outer space. This principle does not exclude the managers or directors of the company, but calls for them to be to also accept ethical compliance and leadership. The principle promotes ethical business operations as all of the parties with interest associate together with the organization. This contributes to their accountability.

The company will have a committee to address issues of an ethical nature and endorse business projects in space. This committee is important as risks concerning the business can be addressed with ease. The committee will be composed of the Directors, the employees and others stakeholders. It will be of significance in supporting the contentions of this code of ethics. The business will reinforce the environmental protection of outer space which includes the moon, and other heavily bodies, just as there earth designated areas are environmentally protected.

The protection principle allows will form designated areas. In the moon and other bodies which require protection same as forested areas and game parks which require environmental protection on earth.  The company will be managed in a way that considers/believer in consumer safety and product. We are aware of the risks associated with technological systems. These risks can be disastrous if not put into notice. The principle therefore sets up a concern for the safety of consumers. If there are any incidences of disagreements in the company they are to be fully disclosed to the ethics committees.

We suggest that employee take full responsibility in ensuring that the corporation does not surge into turmoil. This is by reporting any real and potential conflict to the ethics committee. If the disagreements go contrary to the ethics adopted by the company then the committee is advised to propose possible. The company will work within the industry to create legitimate supervisory organization, which is either public or private, to monitor and support the ethical development of space commerce. We recognize that we cannot work alone to achieve our goals and objectives.

The element of choice that our principles are based allows for efforts to formulate and acceptable standard code of ethics. The principle above provides for autonomous source of feedback to assist the company with development and implementation and enforcement of its code of ethics. 12. We accept that all customers and workers to the space village should be treated equally. The principle protects workers from all nationalities regardless of sex, color and age. The company shall employ workers from different nationalities who will bring their experience to the company.

Through this diversification of employment would boost the company’s ability to formulate ideas meant to keep the corporation aboard. There will be no harassment of any kind and women workers are assured of engaging in all activities of the company. All these ills are punishable and failure to obey them can lead to prosecution.  The company shall create a clear regulation in the area of space advertising and marketing. The principle will not invest in obstructive advertising which is detrimental to other parties with space interest, such as astronomy. Our advertisement method will be without factual scientific or technical function.

The revenues gained from such will be directed to the expansion of the project. We agree to promote technological ethics in monitoring data transmission through non interference and business exception. The legal and ethical argument in this principle is that the company is obliged to protect itself from misuse of electronic communications by monitoring employee use of electronic system. The purpose of data monitoring is to prevent misconduct in the early environment, this will ensure the quality of communications and to make certain that they are used for the benefit of the organization.

This type of economic justice will be quite applicable in village since just prices will be offered for all and the same services will be offered which means that the prices which will be set for the commodities will be fair for every one. The economic statures of people living in villages with that of those who live in towns are not the same and therefore since the corporation sets affordable prices even those in villages can afford to use the services. The properties of the corporations should be entitled to share holders since they are the one who have contributed to the build up of the corporation.

Shareholders are the owners of the corporation hence all properties are entitled to them. That is why if the corporation end up making profit it will be shared among the shareholders and likewise in case of loss.


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