Ethics for an Outer Space Corporation

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The theory developed in this manual addresses normative principles that specify how things ought to be. The theory supported in this paper is based on the three basic principles of Kantianism, utilitarianism and contracts ethics. Intents of person’s actions can be evaluated using Kantianism theory this is because the action of an individual does not go hand in hand with how he or she is thinking. According to Kant’s theory, one’s action can determine whether the result will bring happiness or unhappiness.

The outer space corporation needs this theory because it will help those who are working for the corporation to determine their actions for the benefit of the corporation. This theory can help individuals in determining what is right or wrong which will hence bring about co-operation between the workers of the corporation and also with the leaders. Utilitarianism theory emphasizes on doing good thing for the majority of people. This theory enables that all people involved in corporation are satisfied due to the action of their colleagues.

In this case the outcome of any progress within the corporation is determined by the morals of individual. Therefore in this case, the theory of Utilitarianism can play a vital role in Outer Space Corporation since it will help the worker to work for the better of the greatest number. Utilitarian argument approves or disapproves an action on whether it increases or diminishes the amount of happiness of the party whose interest is in question. The principle however appeals to the invisible hand of the free market that guarantees the unrestricted pursuit of profit results in the greatest net benefit for all.

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The theory demands that the business person or enterprise as a whole must consider the welfare of all persons that could possibly be affected by their decisions. The theory calls for such people to consider determining what will best maximize the happiness of those considered. This interest should count more than others and it asks them to consider some of their duty, to these stakeholders in a non consequential fashion. The rationale behind this theory is not to establish the criterion of the right, i. e. the normative theory job, but to provide intermediate principles that most clearly allow the normative criteria to guide the decisions of business practitioners. The utilitarian argument clearly supports the interest of stock owners in terms of maximizing profits. The stake holder theory accents rightly a business contractual obligation which consists of rules governing how people treat one another. The principles addressed in contract ethics touches on principle of liberty, opportunity, distributive justice, justice and principles of need. Also read utilitarianism and business ethics essay

(Snare, 1992). The practices and values presented here set an example for a new economy as well as for the daily lives of individuals choosing to live off earth. Contact ethics of this corporation will help the corporation to adhere to the code of conducts of the corporation for the better understanding of different roles which need to be carried out by workers. By drafting contact ethics within the corporation, employees can be aware of their duties and how they ought to perform them.

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