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Skies The Limit? The exploration of space VS The issues on earth. Aileen Johnson English Composition Introduction We live in a world where there are environmental issues that range from global warming to air pollution. Environmental scientists dedicated themselves by putting years and years into finding a long-term solution for these issues. The effects of these issues can potentially be damaging in the next couple of decades so people live I fear of what is to come. This same fear prevents people from thinking outside of the box. We came so far in the mist of our issues that it almost seems unfixable.

With new technology today we have various ways for exploring outside our world to find new ways to make life on earth a little easier. Since issues on earth are still in effect, people’s fear of what is to come in the future prevent them from becoming aware of how exploring outside this world in space can actually benefit us all, and how important it is to our planet earth. Although there are many environmental issues on earth, outer exploration should continue to be funded. Outer space exploration may be needed in the future to prevent or solve new issues on earth to come. Oblivious To the Benefits

There are many benefits to outer space exploration that people are aware not of. Before I decided to do research I was unaware of the number of things that we actually use today that would have never been possible if we did not explore outer space in the past, that we are going to get into later on is this paper. Imagine you went to the grocery store and spent 300 dollars on food, and you go home, check your pockets, and see the receipt for your purchase of food. Now Imagined the food disappeared or you put the food away and it doesn’t look like as much food as you thought it was.

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Having spent money on something that you do not really see too much results for can make you regret spending so much money, or prevent you from doing it again. This is the same concept with funding outer space exploration; we see all of the money going into a project like adventure, without seeing the results of this big purchase. Another example is how we can spend money. This example does not count for us individually but as a whole. When we get a lump some of money sometimes it is hard for us not to go crazy and spend everything or most of it.

When we do go crazy and spend all of it on little things, eating out all time, clothes, or just small purchases, we get more upset when the money is gone and we have no idea where the money went. That’s the same as spending money on space and not seeing the results from the purchase. Other problems circles around on how important it is to fund outer space exploration. The way we prioritize things in this world can affect our ability to make decisions and limit us to taking risks. For example, tax season come around and we get that nice refund back and think of all the things that we can do with that check.

Now lets say that bills and credits card payments are the “global issues” and house leans and stocks are the “outer space” exploration. When we receive that that refund we become worriers and we think about all the bills we have to catch up on and what other things we need to pay off. Instead, we can look into investing into stocks and house leans that will benefit us in the future by making us more money overtime. Since people do are so caught up on the current issue, investing into something that doesn’t show results right away, will be last priority.

If people do no understand the benefits of outer space exploration they can easily form the decision that it shouldn’t be funded. If they do not know what outer space exploration can do for earth they will find it unnecessary. Knowing the benefits can change the minds of a lot of people who forms these opinions. Sharing with people the benefits of exploring outer space can stop the controversy that it shouldn’t be funded any longer. There are a lot of websites that explain what people do in space, but not many go into detail about how it is beneficial to us on earth, this will mislead people into thinking that it is pointless.

Not being aware of these benefits can cause fear in everyone when it comes down to spending money, which lead us to the next topic. Issues on Earth: Distractions and Paranoia The issues we have here on earth distracts the minds of many people causing distractions and paranoia. There is a website that was designed to count in actually time how much money we are spending on war. You can see the numbers go up in actual time. This creates anxiety to people specifically in America because we know that war is one of the major issues we have here on earth.

Yes we know that the war is costing a lot of money and its okay that to keep track of that, but the amount of money spent is what people worry about. It is something that is keeping us in debt and some would also agree that the war is a pointless price to pay. When you have an issue as big as this, it scares people in to thinking that anything that we are spending money on now should show clear results from the money we are putting into it. Then we get distracted. With the issues here on earth rising day by day it distracts us.

We can be aware of what NASA can do for us but the issues that clearly orbiting around us can make hold or attention for a long time. Let me give you an example how distraction and paranoia can be created. 99% percent of Americans watch TV, and there are many of those who watch the news. Imagine you turn on the TV and after your favorites show go of the news come on. You hear about the murders, theft, and car jacking that are going on. This grabs our attention and have us thinking about the high crime rate. Next it’s the poor education systems with high unemployment rate, the big distraction.

Our minds are focused now on the issues surrounding us. Next that comes on is the issue that hits us all…war. This here is where our paranoia kicks in because not only is this an issue, it is something that is going to make us wonder, where is all the money coming from to support this idea. When we shut the TV off after the news finish we are left with the negative but true issues that are going on. We go to sleep with it in the back of our minds. The next day imagine you watch the morning news and the announcer comes on and say that the president just signed a multi-million dollar approval to invest millions in NASA for exploration of pace, without giving any clear reason on how this investment will benefit earth or the people on it. With the paranoia already build up in our minds and the anxiety from the issues we have yet to solve, investing millions of dollars into a cause that we do not think is necessary at the time can be a lot for us to want to jump up and agree with. Now that we have this huge issue of spending and being in debt, it forces Americans to “budget” or limit ourselves.

They do not want to fund anything other than what we absolute need because the problems that are obvious like the money we spent on war, are way bigger than the problems that have yet to come, therefore we limit our thinking for now when we can be preparing for the future. Now that we know that by people being oblivious to how outer space exploration can be beneficial and how the money we spend on other issues on earth can make us a little paranoid about what we spend money on; but may be knowing exactly how outer space exploration or “O. S. E” can actually prevent issues on earth and help us, we can support it rather than oppose it.

O. S. E Preventing Issues on Earth Outer space exploration can prevent future problems and help with current issues on earth. When people oppose the idea of funding O. S. E, they tend to forget about the satellites they we have out there. Those very same satellites that would have not existed if it was not for O. S. E in the first place. These satellites are like god to us with the modern technology that we have today and knowing how we benefit from them is important. Satellites in outer space control a lot of things that we can take advantage of according to this article.

It helps to predict the weather, GPS navigations and locate other things also. How can predicting the weather help with issues on earth you may ask? Knowing when a snow storm is coming help us to prepare in advance to put salt down on the roads so that people would not slide on ice when there are driving and get into an accident. Knowing when a hurricane is going to hit, let us know to get generators for power and gas for cars, food and water for everyone. Knowing that it is going to be dangerously hot with heat wave ahead lets us know to stay home under the AC rather to drive somewhere far and put ourselves in danger of the heat.

All of these issues that can arise on earth, prevented just by simply predicting the weather, and the weather predicted from the help of satellites in outer space. Another benefit that too many people do not know about is that space also provide certain metals used to build aircraft and the same ones are also used in healthcare facilities around the world for medicine. We benefit also from the GPS, saving us time, frustration and gas. This seemingly not a huge issue on earth at the moment until you is in a dangerous situation and need to get somewhere fast; like getting lost in the woods.

Also GPS help police locate criminals, crime, and other mobilizing action that can cause danger to civilians. Being able to position a moving target in actual time has helped different people with different careers like aircrafts, ships, soldiers, and the US government. Without satellites the modern careers we have today would not exists, leading us to many issues to run into in the future. Can you imagine the many issues that we would be facing not knowing when a dangerous snowstorm is going to hit? Or getting lost in the middle of knows where without a phone to call 911.

Issues like the ones mentioned in the last paragraph are prevented everyday taking somebody somewhere out of a dangerous situation thanks to the satellites that were created through O. S. E. Knowing how the earth orbits the sun helps ups a great deal also. O. S. E helped us to discover other planets they have different resources that we may use in the future once we are able to tap into them. These resources can help us in the future when it is our last resort and we have nothing less. Being able to make use of resources out of planets in space now for the future is important.

Why wait for the issue to arise to try and fix it when we can prevent it before it even happens? Think About it. Conclusion Reflect back on how far we can with technology because of discovers we made in outer spaces. All the distractions people see and hear on the news everyday can now become just another issue along with not funding O. S. E. That paranoia that people have that we are wasting money on something that we do not need can now go away, and you can feel at ease knowing the that we benefit a great deal from these explorations.

Its like now you know what you are investing in and seeing that the benefits will set us up for the future can help you relax a little and support the cause. Outer space exploration led us to discover such advance technology that we can use today. These same discoveries can help prevent issues on earth. The fact that satellites predict the weather is major. The fact that GPS can locate crime is major. The fact that the same technology helps our troops in combat, in officers on duty is major. These things are all beneficial to us in multiple ways.

If outer space exploration wasn’t funded in the first place we would have not have been able to do research to discover these things that we benefit from today in the past we were open to funding this, and in the future that is now the present, we are able to benefit from those explorations. Further research may be able to prevent new problems in the future. Funding O. S. E uses only a tiny fraction of what we spend on war today, yet we benefit from it more than our current biggest investment. We need to think more in the future so that when it gets here we can continue to advance and become affective fixing issues before they come.

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