North Korea at the Winter Olympics

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Last Updated: 26 Jun 2018
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North Koreas ruler repeatedly exhibits repulsive violations of human rights. Just thinking that we participated in the 2018 winter Olympics with this country gives me the hebegeebes. Kim Jong Un, the ruler of this ruthless, repulsive, regime, shows little to know recognition of human rights. I believe we have sullied the name of the United States by allowing North Koreas Participation.

The Olympics are the international celebration of human excellence, Kim's North Korea falls far from the definition of excellence. Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

Kim is power hungry and will stop at nothing to make sure he stays in power, or example he felt that his 67-year-old uncle was a threat to his power, so he had him stripped down to his bear skin and thrown in a cage of 120 dogs that had been starved for five days.

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Kim is mentally INSANE!!!North Korea is a dictatorship, Kim decides everything, and nobody can go against his wishes without punishment. North Korea is known to many as todays worst persecutor of Christians. For example, anyone caught with any contact with a missionary can be killed or tortured.

In north Korea Kim has established political prison camps where men women and children can be found, it does not matter whether the person is young or old. To ensure his regimes success Kim has made sure that no one can leave. He underpays workers and raises the price of airline tickets for a time it would cost one person $8,000 to leave North Korea.

Kim, his father, and his grandfather were all self-proclaimed gods. North Koreas calendar starts at the birth of Kim's grandfather instead of the birth of Christ. In North Korea in any way you turn it is not hard to find a statue of a previous ruler of a picture plastered across a wall.

There is even a special place where you can visit the corpses of Kim's father and grandfather, because the mentally deranged Kim has them embalmed is glass cases. if this is not mentally ill then I don't know what is. We participated in the winter Olympics with these crazy people! Kim has also threatened to nuke us on multiple occasions.

I conclude that if it were my decision I would not have let them participate in the winter Olympics.

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