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North Korea and South Korea

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In North Korea, a dictator rules the county and currently their dictator is Kim Jung l_JNI. Also, North Koreans government is very strict about people from other countries traveling to North Korea. Tourists are only allowed to enter the country if there is a guided tour and independent traveling to North Korea is not allowed. However, South Korea, is a republic with a president. As of now, their president, who is the first female president elected, is park Gun Hey. Their country has elections for a new president every five years.

Additionally, anyone and everyone can travel to South Korea whenever they want. Every country or state has different cultures and lifestyles. In North Korea, art is didactic and they create many beautiful artworks. Calligraphy, music, painting and pottery are all various types of art that is produced in North Korea. Their paintings are usually drawings of events that have happened in the past or drawings of nature such as flowers. North Koreans play many games, especially races and they like to participate in a lot of active activities. In addition, their diet does not contain spicy foods such as chime.

In South Korea, art and music is very well known. Buddhism was a great inspiration towards South Korean art and outstanding architecture and artworks are found in Buddhist temples and paintings. Music is very popular in South Korea and one type of genre is Kop. Kop is short for Korean pop and is known all over the world. Just like North Korea, South Korea loves to play games and their traditional board game is bad. Also, South Koreans diet is the total opposite of North Koreans diet. In South Korea, spicy foods are very common and the national dish is chime.

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Lastly, both North and South Korea have a traditional dress called handbook that is mainly worn on New Years. Education is an essential need in everyone's lives. In North Korea, people are mainly interested in the subjects technology and science. Also, in the early 1 sys the education system was divided into one year Of kindergarten, four years of primary school for ages six to nine, and six years of senior middle school for ages ten to fifteen. The most important institution is Kim - sung University. South Koreans academic environment is very competitive.

Nearly all the nation's top schools are located in Seoul, South Korea. Primary schools consists of grades one to six and secondary schools consists of seventh to twelfth. The most popular university in South Korea is Seoul National University. The two countries that were known as one are now split into two and has tons of differences and similarities. They compare and contrast in government, culture, and education. Imagining what life would have been like back if North and South Korea were one is difficult due to the disparity in the people's lives and in the country.

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