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The Winter Olympics

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The Winter Olympic Games is an international event that features various winter sports disciplines. This year, it will be hosted in Socio, Russia, which is costal to the prominent Black Sea. These competitions are scheduled to take place between February 7th and February 23rd, 2014. With more than the estimated 2,800 athletes participating, and approximately ninety-eight events, It Is sure to be exciting. However, It seems that many people are uncomfortable with the 22nd Winter Olympics being hosted in Russia. Many are concerned about the security Issues and fatty.

London Reed expressed that "It's not safe at all", and many agree with him. "Vive seen on CNN that fifty-seven percent agree that It's not safe", said Reed. He Insists that terrorism activities are extremely possible. Another two persons retorted the same. Land's brother, Jack Reed had a negative overall view for Russia. When asked his thoughts on the Winter Olympics he responded, "As beautiful as the events are, Its dangerous". He too was knowledgeable about the terrorist threats. Reed gave a brief history lesson. He explained, "The threats today are threats due to an Islamic LOL war.

He also mentioned that Austrian competitors have already received threats. Furthermore, the American government insists that persons not represent their flag to avoid being a target. Yet, according to some people and news blobs, the 22nd Winter Olympics will be secured. It is said that 40,000 police will be operating in the Socio region. This will be double the amount on duty during the London Olympics. There are also much more security measures implemented to ensure a safe successful competition. But of course, its almost impossible to guarantee absolute safety. Let the games begin?

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The Winter Olympics essay

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