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In today’s modern world, competition is so stiff. With this, companies are into the invention and implementation of newer technologies which can help them compete in the local and global market and eventually win more and more customers. In the creation of an e-commerce site, the information of the products must be well-provided in order for the customers to have a clear understanding of what it is all about. When customers take orders, there must be a variation in terms of the ordering method so that sales can increase. Not only does the company provide a different ordering methods but also a different payment methods.

In cases where the customer wants to return the product, it must also be granted by the management. And most importantly, the site must be very secure so that customers are not faced with threats each time they want to make an online transaction. The above-mentioned theories are useful for an e-commerce site to be successfully as well as to measure its quality. (Kabir, 2003) In another theory, it is said that an e-commerce site must contain a search engine friendly coding environment so that customers/users find it easier to search for products which could not be found in the list.

A user-friendly environment is another important factor that must be considered. The design of the graphical user interface must be easier to navigate for the customers. Most importantly, the site must have a dynamic change for a dynamic market place. This simply means that the site must be updated every now and then to ensure an up-to-date list of the products as well as its specifications. (http://www. merchandizer. com/custom-ecommerce-web-site-design. html#design)

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With the mentioned theories and tips, it can then be concluded that carphone warehouse website is of high quality. The management can expect that their customers are enjoying a hassle-free shopping.


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