As people rely more and more on technology to solve

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Most of the Jobs that we have today were not known to our forefathers as early as the beginning of 20th century and they had this same equation with their forefathers going back another hundred years. What drives this changes ? And more Importantly what Impact does this evolution have on our lives ? The first question Is simple, It's caused by the advent of a new technology, which phases out some Jobs whilst creating new ones going ahead, As for the latter question, let's take a deeper look at this process of evolving technology and hen conclude It's impact on our lives.

By the middle of 19th century Industrial Revolution had transformed the face of USA. Assembly line production, network of railroads, industrial farming methodologies, these were changing the way people did their work, gone were the days of farmers toiling under the sun to plough their fields, mechanized farm equipments took away that pain and the same farm that took tens of people to plough could now be done by lust one person trained to operate these new machines. This person had orientations from manual labor to more skilled work that utilized his cognitive abilities.

The other farmers that got laid off too got to work in newer roles which supplemented the advent of these machines, factory workers, mechanics and such. These were all jobs that were more mentally taxing than physically making these former laborers a part of the new skilled workforce. Advances in computing and robotics brought about a similar shift in our lives around the middle of 20th century. We built smarter automated machines that allowed us to lid taller buildings and longer bridges and even space station, conduct medical procedures such as Mrs. and heart surgeries.

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The proliferation of Internet has created new avenues for learning and enabled us to spread education to the farthest corners of the world. In effect technology made our lives longer and more fruitful. In the 21 SST century we have ever Increased our reliance on technology to enable several aspects of our daily lives and supplement our efforts to solve ever bigger problems. The next big shift In our lives might be defined by quantum computing, emetic engineering, deep space exploration or something else but we shouldn't be skeptical about the coming change.

Today when we stand at the brink of another technological revolution, we should look back and realize how each age of humanity was defined by their technology and how central it has been to the evolution and betterment of our society. Fallacy. While there are several aspects of our daily lives that have become automated, the one thing that machines haven't taken away from us is the ability to think What next? ', that is strictly the domain of the human mind.

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