Does Marketing Sharp the Needs and Wants of Customers or Reflect the Needs and Wants of Customers

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Since as we knew marketing came to people’s life in the 1950s and 1960s. With the rapid improvement in marketing, there is an strong argument, which is marketing shapes the needs and wants or marketing reflects the needs and wants of customers. People used to define that marketing is selling goods which people do not really need. However, marketing concept defined as “achieving organizational goals depend on determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than competitors” (kotler, 2008).

International markets are always changing. Facing the challenges of globalization of markets, the economy of regionalization and transnational business, business operators face a fierce competition in the market. They must establish the correct concept of marketing, a rapid and flexible response mechanism. Marketing is a key factor for business success. Achieving good performance businesses are all based on marketing for their own development-oriented.

Marketing concept requires enterprises to adopt a consumer-centric approach, the production and sale of the reality that meet customer needs and potential needs of the goods, and to evaluate whether the enterprise to achieve customer satisfaction as the level of marketing standards. Marketing is to meet the needs of the people, meeting needs and desires of customer is the starting point of marketing. (Schmitt, 2001) The purpose of marketing is to satisfy needs of customers. In the highly competitive market, how to build competitive advantage is the key to success.

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Modern marketing concept that is the key to achieving organizational goals, correctly determine the target market's needs and desires. Moreover, they can supply and provide desired satisfaction more effectively than competitors. Company must establish and maintain long-term stakeholders, especially the good relations with customers. The reasons for who agree that Marketing shapes needs and wants of customers Marketing should identify those needs and wants which customers do not request. But company should go farther than customers, the customer is short-sighted.

This is a competition-oriented marketing approach, which requires companies in marketing activities, must be constantly on the product and other factors that affect the marketing performance of innovation or improvement to be substantial. In order to ensure that customers will not flow to other companies. Sony is an example of creation of marketing, because it successfully into the customer has not asked or even thought of the many new products: music players, video recorders, video cameras, optical drives, etc.

Sony is market-driven company. Create marketing is a customer-oriented, more competitive and technology oriented. They assume that the needs of customers may be potential. beyond the customer-oriented, is the business from their own core competencies, development strategy and competition and other constraint conditions. It is not only to meet customer needs, more important is the ability to create customer demands, which enable enterprises to survive and development of business ideas.

Enterprises get rid of the intense competition in product homogeneity, not only in product quality, technological innovation and the development of marketable varieties, but also pay more attention to the potential demand of its target consumers, often insight into consumer psychology and their the tendency of consumption habits, research, analysis of consumption trends and spending power and tap their potential, the demand unnoticed to adapt to consumer demand based on the constant induction, be inspired, and quickly meet the new demands it.

Marketing is not a creation of the creation of the blind, but on the basis of full investigation needs to target consumers based on the creation of psychology is to create and use of effective marketing strategies to start a potential combination. Greater profit margins of market segments, and create customer-oriented marketing concept that does not necessarily lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty, such as novelty in the novelty under the control of consumer psychology. Customer-oriented enterprises may lose industry insight, so that enterprises can take the lead in the future.

Otherwise, the enterprise may loss the insight of market, because customers are often short-sighted Reasons for who agree with that marketing reflects needs and wants of customers It is is customer-oriented marketing philosophy. They assume that demand of consumer is realistic and clear. As people's living standards improve, people's demand for diversified and personalized directions. To be able to satisfy customers, enterprise must clearly recognize the needs of customers to produce marketable products. They need to be more timely and effective to meet those needs than competitors. Drucker,2005) The purpose of marketing is to make selling superfluous, marketing aimed at a profound knowledge and understanding of the customer, so that the product or service perfectly suited to people’s needs and the it will change selling products into sales by products themselves. My personal opinion of this argument No matter we consider that marketing reflects the needs and wants or shapes the needs and wants of customers. The hypostasis of them is same, which in order to meet the needs of customers, achieve the objectives of company and improve values of customers.

In addition, customer’s needs can be divided into potential needs and dominant needs. The primary thing for marketer is to recognize the real needs of customers, then develop appropriate strategies come to influence the production process. As market competition intensifies, customers for the homogenization of the products showed a fatigued, the innovation is the proper guide and a tool to meet customer demand. To sum up, there are just two different interpretations. The purpose is to define and handle the relationship between enterprises and customers. To be win-win situation is the final target.


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