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Computers Are Replacing More and More Jobs

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Living today in the most advanced age of technologies, humans have benefited from computers. We cannot deny the fact that computers play a crucial role in the various aspects of our lives. We get a lot of help from computers and believe that computers could make people’s lives and jobs easier. But on the other hand, we forget the other fact that computers would eliminate jobs too.

For example, Manufacture of all kinds of office products the computer easily does, like typewriter, adding machine, photocopier or even CD player, DVD player, and radio. In publishing, a lot of jobs are gone, many in layout and production, since computers do layout and design faster and more accurately. Even in hotel and travel industry, there have been significant losses in administration in hotels because of significant advances in the way people book and check in.

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Nowadays, most bookings for hotels are made through websites instead of phoning up and having your name written in a book. Additionally, management and running of a hotel can now be done all by one person. One person can have a computer with powerful hotel management software on it which can control all functions of a hotel and allocate when and where people will arrive. Moreover, as computers take over people’s jobs, social and economical problems increase. Lack of human interactions can cause social problems.

People can do banking and shopping without contacting people. It will bring less bondage between people and less respect for human beings. Furthermore, there are economical problems. Even though low payment job positions disappear quickly, high payment job positions, such as high technology based job positions, are increased. The gap between these two groups will become wider. The economical unbalance can cause a lot of economical problems as well as social problems.

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