Dolphin Energy for Supplying the Gas to the Customers

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Political discrepancy: as we are a company that has an agreement with Qatar government for the supply of natural gas, It Is Important to keep our good relation with the country to continue the business. New source of energy: Dolphin Energy is a company that supplies gas to the customers, in case of finding any applicable source of energy for gas that is less costly and has no impact to the environment, our company will shut down and loses its business. - Price changes: If the prices of the equipment used in the operation escalated, the price of our product will increase. - New competitor: another external factor that would affect the company is if there is a new company of gas Joining the market.

Such competitors will affect our market price, It will have an effect on our manpower costs, people will compare the quality of the product produced, etc. How the business is structured: Dolphin Energy has so many functions that plays Important role in the organization. Below, I will be explaining only four functions. Our company's structure Is considered functional structure because It has similar connected actively that are grouped together in departments.

Function Discretion Corporate Communications

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Dolphin's corporate communications department handles all communication undertaken by the company to all its publics or stakeholders. Strategic and Corporate Planning It is responsible for all economic and corporate planning duties at Dolphin Energy. It is responsible about the laity of the products, the health of the employees, the safety of the working area, and making sure they are taking good care for environmental issues.

Human Resources

They offer services to their employees in Talent Management, recruitment, policy, compensation, employee relation, training, and office management.  Different functions working together: Dolphin Energy works with different departments very closely in order to make sure operation, the operation works closely with different departments to ensure they are meeting their objective. For example, operation works with human resources to circuit quality employees that have all the required qualifications skills that are needed for technical skills.

Moreover, when an employee Joins the company, operation department will want their new Joiners to undertake some kind of trainings to enable them have the needed skills to operate in the field. Quality, health, safety and environment department as well works with other functions to reach their goals. SHE facilitates everything that is necessary in the operational area to ensure that the employees are working in a safe environment to minimize all the risks that might occur during the operation. SHE will also make sure that our equipments and machines do not harm the marine habitat and cause and eruption or pollution.

Furthermore, SHE wants to educate the employees about some safety matters and they co pop with the training department to implement such trainings. The culture of the organization and how it affects the operations: I believe Dolphin Energy has a mixture of task and power culture. It is considered a role culture because each employee is assigned to a particular role or Job; they have all their tasks and roles listed in their Job description. When we have everything pacified, it will help us know what each individual does and therefore no duplication in work.

On the other hand, we can say that our organization is a task oriented culture as well. That is because Dolphin I-JAKE and Qatar work together in so many projects as a team to complete tasks for example, our training department in I-JAKE works with Star's to reach the department's goals and objective. The teams will be doing a specified task to complete it in a time and budget given. This mixed culture has a positive impact on the organization because it will get the most efficiency out of his effort through having everything with guidelines yet working in teams in common projects and assignments.

Organization Strategy

The company's strategy is to have an economic wealth as well as creating business prospects for I-JAKE nationals and ICC citizens for the future. Our company has clear vision and mission that is set which makes the employees well aware of where the company is heading and what is their future objective. Having the vision and mission clear will create order; therefore will help us in proportioning our tasks. How does HER strategy supports the organization strategy?

The HER does a lot of things that supports the organizations strategy. Starting from recruiting a competent employee to developing them. The HER work closely with other departments as one team to reach the organization's strategy. Below is a list of some the things the HER does to support Dolphin Energy Objectives: HER Strategy Supporting Organization's Objectives Recruitment HER uses the best ways to hire an employee. For example, we deal with hiring agents that would get us the best people in the market.

Moreover, we hire people through referral programs where an existing employee refers someone who is capable to take the Job. As well, HER have internal posting for the employees who would recommend themselves to undertake the posted position. We use technology for the hiring process; candidates can now view all the open posts on our website to compensation team participates in researches, surveys and benchmarking with companies who similar to us so we are updated with the latest paying trends and we are competing with similar industries in the market.

When the company does such things, it will retain current employees specially the high potential and talented ones. Retain Talent Management One thing TM is responsible for is induction sessions which the new Joiners undertake to familiarize them with the company's departments and its work nature. This will help the employee adapt faster and work more effectively when working with different divisions. Different development plans for fresh graduate students and existing employees.

Offering scholarships and sponsorship to educate our employees and make them update their skills and knowledge to achieve the company's goals. Having high potential programs and succession planning which helps the employees get motivated and it will encourage them work harder to achieve the company's strategy.  How can HER/L&D professional support line managers and their staff? The HER and learning and Development support line managers in so many different ways. Some of these things are: HER helps line managers in recruiting well qualified candidates to fill the vacant position.

They do that through scanning C.V. and looking for candidates that has the skills required for the Job and then they do interviews and psychometric tests for them. When HER hires high talented people, it will help them accomplish work in efficient and effective way to meet the business goals. This way the HER will be eating the best talent out there in the market.  Learning and development helps the new Joiners have a brief orientation through all the departments in the company to give a good idea about the business and how each department operates.

This will help the employees know everything about our business and help them work better with the division to achieve the goals of the company.  Having HER updates sessions that would help the HER employees and line managers know the latest updates that is happening in the HER which will help them understand how the process is and what HER services is offered. Offering best practices in Learning and development, which will encourage and motivate the employees to perform better.  Help line managers to achieve their KIP to achieve the organization objectives. Ensuring that the employees are working in a good working environment. How does HER/L&D contribute in the successful of an organization? To define success, first we need to know what things that makes the organization successful. Organizations have a lot of objectives each year, general objectives will be ambiguous, so one of the keys to success is to have clear objectives. For example, avian clear mission, vision, strategy and goals clear and it should be known to everyone throughout the organization.

Everything the organization does, for example, the policies and procedures that are written, the different types of programs we offer, the services we provide, etc are all clearly linked to the company's objectives for being successful. Lurch mentioned, there are four ways to a successful organization strong relations with their internal clients and they act as a focal point for certain divisions. This can be done by having good relation with the senior management in order to align the HER strategy with the business objectives.

  • Change Agent: is the team that participates in changing the management team and then communicate internally to everyone to ensure smoothness of the process and then gain their trust. Change agent will ensure that the employees are adapting to new changes.
  • Administration Expert: it acts in a professional in the way that it executes its Job and uses the organization resources in an efficient manner.
  • Employee Champion: it plays as a core of the HER. HER should represent the employees, look for their best interest and make sure that strategic initiatives are balanced.

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