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Media an Answer to Terrorists needs

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In our generation today every little gadget is a product of science and technology, through this we were able to easily adapt to changes that are occurring in our world. Easy access is only a click of a hand away, may it be e-mail, bank accounts and even information because of this terrorist have taken advantage of the good things the technology has to offer.

When this technology should be use as a means of communication for family, friends and relatives, it is being exploited to instill fear and terror to the minds and hearts of the people. With this technology acquired by most of the people like television and computer which are always being use, it would be easier to acquire and disseminate information to people and it would also be easier for the people to be frightened from the terrorist.

In the past years it has been a mystery how these terrorist recruit there members and how they were able to communicate with them, now it has been found out that terrorist uses sites such as Paypal, Orkut and My Space to be able to connect and disseminate information from those interested to be a member. Using this site also they were able to find fund raiser and coordinate their activities, and because they use electronic dead drop they were able to avoid being detected by government agencies.

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Using this kind of technology is sufficient to communicate to other people without using too much time and effort, it is less cost for most of this website offer free membership as well as access and it is also safe for it is hard to be detected in a way that they could hack to other servers or satellites to avoid detection, for the terrorist it is the easiest way to communicate, for everyone now has computers, televisions and even laptops which is an easy access to information.

Nowadays that people have easy access to everything, terrorist know who their audience is and because of this they were able to send the message straight that they mean business, mostly we could see terrorist abducting innocent people in television with this kind of act they were able to penetrate the mind of the people that they have no mercy to anybody, our courage  is being shaken and our trust to the government is doubtful for they cannot able to stop attacks and abduction of this terrorist.

Terrorists were able to extract information from Government intelligent and agencies for they were able to hack the system, with this they use it as there own way of protection and also a way to destroy there enemy. The mass media and web technology serves as a portal or a means of bridging the gap of this terrorist and there audience to fulfill there task, and because sending e-mail message could be tampered with hidden meanings from the actual message being sent it is more advantage for the terrorist to have the upper hand from those who are in the Government.

If this technology is being penetrated by terrorist, there is also a way to stop it because now it is not impossible to let things happen. To stop terrorism from sending messages or acquiring one, internet should build a program that would facilitate the site, a program that could detect hidden message from this terrorist, a program that would protect the interest of the people as well as the nation. Also it is our duty to have limit to our selves for we have been involve and caught up with all the new technology being discovered and used by the people, we are all aware that it is being use for other purpose form which it is originally should be used, we are all disturb and frighten for our safety is at stake but having this technology is not bad either for it promises a good and prospering future.

All should be well if we know how to put limitations to the use of technology precaution should always be there before using   any technology. Every new discovery is for the benefit of human goodness but for some they could always see the dark things it could turn into, now it should not hinder us from discovering new ideas, technology and solution as long as you discover it for the better good and nothing more.


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