Essays on Terrorism

Essays on Terrorism

Terrorism can be defined as the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. It is forever evolving. It can also be described as “a product of the free market in a world of high technology” by Bruce A. Ackerman in his book titled “Before the next attack: Preserving civil liberties in an age of terrorism”. Meaning that the government can no longer suppress the lucrative trade completely if technology has escaped a state monopoly.

In the book “Reasons of Contemporary Terrorism: An analysis of Main Determinants”, Sebastian Wojciechowski mentions “the sense of membership is another significant element of human personality. R. Luckabaugh emphasizes it, observing that “the true reason to become terrorists is the need for membership of some group of people”. With even chances to fundraise for their efforts due to the internet acting as a potential global pool of recruits and contributors. These organizations are actually able to accept donations to the terrorist fundraising via the payment service PayPal due to how commonplace they have become. Virtual training for recruited people can also be found on these sites. including tutorials on how to build bombs, firing surface-to-air missiles, shootings as U.S. soldiers, and sneaking into Iraq from abroad.

Terrorist organizations can be described as a military made up of criminals. They are often involved in warfare as that is their ultimate goal. They also engage in it just as every other military in the world has to do from time to time. Although terrorist groups are also largely criminal because they do not follow war laws. This is what differs them a lot from another military’s as they are very inhumane. Their war crimes include gruesome killings or torture and filming it to either post online for the world to see or sending it to the families of the victim. A war crime is an action taken place during war that violates laws of the international rules of war and if one is carried out, severe punishment should be in place. Whether you are a victim or supporter, there is a fine line between crime and warfare. Every act made by a terrorist can be defined as a crime, war effort, or unrelated if you are one of the terrorists or not. For example, the beheading of someone is illegal and also a war crime. Having merit to declare war on a state is a war effort, not a crime. Both of those statements are true whether you’re a terrorist or an accountant.

Terrorism has evolved over time dramatically. Fighting these efforts of violence and intimidation to acquire political, religious or ideological objectives has made it increasingly difficult to maintain civil liberties while doing so. Especially when these terrorist organizations are so inhumane to civilians. Shockingly enough, the United States has also fell victim to these attacks and threats. We have seen shootings, bombings, and even potential bombings a lot more recently in the past couple of years. With so much harm done and loss of lives, the best way to combat these terrorists would be to increase homeland security and keep a closer eye on the internet. Whether it be for suspicious people, recent searches, or websites where you can buy guns or materials to build these homemade bombs.

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What are the main causes of terrorism in Pakistan?
Causes. Terrorism in Pakistan's roots can be traced back as far as 1979, when Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan. Terrorism began in Pakistan after Pakistan supported Afghan mujahideen and the subsequent civil war.

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