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Republican Motherhood

Kaley Ganey and Allie Linaugh October 15, 2012 Stuart Harmening APUSH The Republican Motherhood and Education for Women The republican motherhood was essentially the beginning of the new era for women. Before, women were not allowed to go to school, and we not educated as …

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Republican Viewpoints on National Healthcare

Republican Views Towards Healthcare Reform From the Republican viewpoint, any form of nationalized or partially nationalized universal healthcare is unacceptable. Any public delivery system will limit ‘for profit’ free enterprise and thus violates our form of government. It will increase taxes and the overall cost …

Health CareHospitalMedicineRepublican
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In What Ways and to What Extent Was China Modernized During the Republican Period (1912-49)?

In what ways and to what extent was China modernized during the Republican period (1912-49)? After the fall of Qing Dynasty in 1911, the unprecedented, new form of government emerged in China immediately. Whereafter the betrayal of the Republic of Yuan Shikai (1913-1916) and the …

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Jeffersonian Republicans vs. Federalists

In regards to the United States constitution, Jeffersonian Republicans have been known as strict constructionists who had a narrow interpretation of the constitution following it to an extreme power. This was in opposition to the Federalists who had often followed a loose construction policy. And …

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Democrats and Republicans

Democrats and Republicans The United States of America is known to have two major political parties. The Republican party and the democratic one. Both parties are based on views and principles being completely opposites of each other. The Republican party is known to be a …

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Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans on French Revolution

Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans on French Revolution The Federalists wanted to remain neutral regarding the issue of French Revolution in order to avoid to a trade conflict with Britain. However, the Jeffersonian Republicans wanted to help France achieve independence from a cruel monarchy and help …

FederalistsFrench RevolutionRepublican
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Why Are Republicans Frequent Flyers and Democrats Shop for Fun?

Stances on issues like trade agreements, immigration, taxes or job creation have come to define Republicans and Democrats today. And as campaigns for both parties target voters with rhetoric based on these issues, marketers may be tempted to take a similar approach. Given the nature of …

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A Comparison of Direct Democracy and Republic and the Ideas of James Madison

This essay is a comparison of direct democracy and republic and the ideas of James Madison. Direct democracy is the type of government that they had before the Constitution was written. Having a direct democracy means giving power to the power and not the federal …

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Republican Party

The United States has been grappling the issue of illegal immigrants for long now. Each time the debate comes is brought on the surface it is met with either support or stiff opposition from the stakeholders. Illegal immigration refers to a situation where people of …

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Either Republican or Democrat

At this very moment, our political system has become so polarized that a person must be either a Republican or Democrat. Both sides of the aisle are having trouble to communicate with each other to reach a compromise. Today, the Democrats have become too far …

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Republican Foundations

This national bank would take the nation out of debt from the war. The bank would additionally provide loans for businessmen and to provide a place to deposit federal funds. He believed that the government should foster business and contribute to the growth of capitalistic …

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Federalists vs Democrat Republicans

Hearing about political parties, Washington was not too keen on the idea. Conversely, he was part of the uprising of the first two political parties. Federalists and Democratic-Republicans, previously named anti-federalists, were the two different political organizations. The first two parties to evolve were very …

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Democrat vs. Republican

Democrat vs. Republican The Democratic and Republican parties remain important organizing structures for politics in the United States. Both Democratic and Republican also write party platforms, setting out the party’s goals and policy positions. A party’s platform is not binding on its nominees, platform planks …

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The Republican Party, also referred to as the GOP, is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, along with its main historic rival, the Democratic Party.

March 20, 1854, Ripon, WI


Horace Greeley, Henry Jarvis Raymond, Alvan E. Bovay

Frequently asked questions

What are the main ideas of Republicans?
The Republican Party is one of the two major political parties in the United States, the other being the Democratic Party. The main ideas of the Republican Party are conservatism, free markets, and limited government.
What is the Republican philosophy?
The Republican philosophy is one that is based on the belief in individual freedom and limited government. Republicans believe that people should be free to live their lives as they see fit, as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. They also believe that government should be limited in its scope and size, and that it should only be involved in those areas that are absolutely necessary. Republicans believe that the free market is the best way to allocate resources and that government intervention should be limited as much as possible.
What is a Republican Wikipedia?
A Republican Wikipedia is a website that contains information about the Republican Party. It includes information on the history of the party, its beliefs and values, and its platform. It also includes information on the party's leaders and elected officials, as well as its organizational structure.

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