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Small Business, Innovation, and Public Policy in the Information Technology Industry

New firms have played a major role in fomenting innovation in information technology. A recent study by Greenwood and Jovanovic [1999] provide one dramatic illustration of these trends. These authors show that a group of “IT upstarts”—firms specializing in computer and communications technologies that went …

IndustriesInformation TechnologyPublic PolicySmall Business
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Lessons of Korean Financial Crisis: A Challenge to Redirect Public Policy

Abstract This study examines the causes and consequences of the South Korean financial crisis of late 1990s and considers efficacy of the reforms undertaken by the Korean government to recover from crisis as well as discusses what measures could be taken to enforce public economic …

BankChallengesGlobalizationMoneyPublic Policy
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Guys and Dolls

The Fox Theater presented Guys and Dolls that evening. The musical was choreographed by Adrienne Waiters and Molly Bell. There is about twenty save en performers in the whole production and out of all of them the four main characters are Sara ah Brown, Miss …

EntertainmentPublic Policy
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Public Policy for Animal Welfare in India

Article 51 of Indian Constitution Article 51 of Indian constitution provides protection to animals in India by ensuring “Compassion to all living creatures”. For ensuring the same, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals act was enacted in 1960 under which the Government of India instituted the …

AnimalsPublic PolicyWelfare
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Brain Drain in Puerto Rico

Abstract Brain drain refers to the large-scale emigration of a large group of talented, skilled and knowledgeable individuals. This situation is also commonly referred to as “human capital flight. ” Globally, some generals factors contribute to this situation. Puerto Rico has his own distinctive factors. …

Human NaturePropagandaPublic Policy
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Public Policy and Section Assessment

Chapter 9 Section 1 p. 240 Section Assessment 1-4 1. What is a public policy? A public policy is a goal a government creates and accomplishes them. 2. List and describe the three main ideas in which political parties and interest groups differ. Political parties …

PropagandaPublic Policy
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Bureaucracy and Public Policy

In most situations of dealing with government, people often find themselves experiencing communication with street-level bureaucrats who, despite of their comparatively low position, in many ways define the person’s further well-being. Street-level bureaucrats have a direct influence on the number of people participating in public …

BureaucracyDecision MakingPublic Policy
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Public Policy – Agricultural credit

Agricultural policy is a set of rules that are related to domestic agriculture and imports of food products. The governments of every state implements these set of rules with the aim of brining about a sound stability in the domestic agriculture  markets and to protect …

AgricultureBankCreditInflationMoneyPublic Policy
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A public policy research paper on contemporary issues

A contemporary issue is one which is distinctively modern in style, one which is current, ongoing, present or present-day in nature. A policy on the other hand according to the context of contemporary is a program of actions adopted by person, government, the set of …

Contemporary IssuesPublic Policy
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What are the 3 types of public policy?
Now, public policies and their nature generally fall into one of three categories: regulatory, restrictive, or facilitating.

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