Essays about Games

There is a lot to say about sports and games. These are activities generally considered as mere distractions, but that actually has a lot of potentials. Recent studies show that playing video games and practicing sports help people enhance many skills. Do you want to know more? Read our article to learn about the advantages of playing and the best path to writing a great essay about sports and games.

The Value of Games

All types of games represent benefits for those who practice them. Although it is a common belief that playing has a lot of negative effects, the reality shows that such a vision is a misperception. Yes, there are some negative consequences to the use of games, but they present themselves when there is an addiction. Video games, sports and games, in general, offer a series of advantages that can help a person develop several aspects of his body, mind and life.

To illustrate what we are saying, here are some of the benefits of playing sports and video games:
– Playing both increase mental health. Different video games and sports can help you exercise your concentration skills and other mental abilities.
– Sports with physical activity are good for your health. By doing physical activity, you keep a good blood flow, your muscles in shape and your immunity system updated.
– Team games build teamwork abilities. To play with teammates is a great way to impel the development of coworking abilities and learn how to work as a part of a team.
– It also promotes individual skills. The sports and games that involve individual participation can bring out your skills and promote good self-esteem.
– They are stress-relieving. Playing all kinds of games and sports is a great way to release tensions and distract yourself from complications. They are also good to express your feelings in a healthy way.

How to write Essay on Games

Writing essays is a little complicated if you don’t know where to start, even when you are writing about some game you love. There are lots of aspects that need to be considered and taken into account when doing an essay, like formal parameters, grammar, organization of ideas… With so many things, it is only normal if someone can’t have it perfect sometimes.

An essay is a personal experience, especially if is about a sport you practice or a game you play, so it is hard to say what is the right path to a perfect essay. Still, there are some general aspects that you can use as a guideline. We tell you what they are here.

1.Define a topic. The first thing to do is to define if you want to write about the sport or game you play, about sports in general, the influence they have on society. There are many perspectives and you need to choose the one for you.

2.Determine the structure. Essays should have an academic format that follows some specific parameters. You need to define the type of essay that you want to write and structure your paper.

3.Start the research. Read as much as you can about the topic you are writing about. Research about the main aspects and collect enough information to confirm or refute your initial statement.

4.Select the information. Once your research is done, you need to organize the data you collected. Determine which information you are going to use in which part of the essay. Also, organize the quotes you will use.

5.Write a draft. After you have all the structure lined out and the data you are using organized, you can start writing the first draft. In this version, you don’t need to be too clean, write all your ideas and don’t rewrite anything.

6.Edit your essay. After the draft is done, you can start editing your paper. In this phase, it’s recommendable to rewrite what you consider needs some adjustments.
If you follow these steps, you will be on the road to a great essay about games and sports.

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