How to Write Essays that Answer the Question

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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It would seem that it could be simpler finding a reply to a specific question asked. In such a task it is hard to detect traps or dangers. But sometimes a lot of students have difficulties, trying to pass through this test with dignity. The dominant reasons lie in inattention and imprudence. It is because of them learners write essays that differ substantially from the chosen topics.

It does not matter how talented you are in your work. It is irrelevant which bookish devices or rare phrases you use. All the positive aspects of your composition will fade if it does not answer a certain query. You should learn how to combine writing skills and content. Do not think that it is enough for you to give a short response in the preface, and then describe secondary things on the next two pages. The answerback must include in each paragraph in various ways. For instance, it may be rephrased, explained on examples and comparisons, but an essay is fully devoted to the answer.

It often happens that an essence of the given theme remains misunderstood by you. If you have to do an analysis of a literary source, refer directly to an assignment. Occasionally, it tells a plot or even main moments of the book. True, such luck is quite rare. As a rule, you need to carefully read a substance. Remember, the more accurate your replies, the better your paper. Our tips will show how to accurately reply the questions posed.

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Analyze the Query

After receiving a task, reread it several times in a row. If some items sound ambiguous, make sure they comprehend correctly. Address for details to your teacher. Reflect on the value of your document: what is its usefulness? This will facilitate a formulation of exact thesis and response on how to introduce an article to an essay. Further, it is necessary to address a level of informativity. At the same time, much attention should be paid to the presence in the work of various scientific facts, expert opinions, forecasts, survey results and other similar elements. Each of the listed tools raises the perception of the text, allowing other authors to make references to the article. It is not superfluous to check whether the text is not saturated with scientific terminology, and vice versa, whether a paper did not write completely in a colloquial style, which is unacceptable for research.

Answering a Question with the Question

Akin practice does not mean that it is necessary to start writing with tricky demands, especially if we are talking about an academic style. Make yourself suggestive points:

  • What is the purpose of my work?
  • What is the significant topic and subthemes?
  • Which audience should I target?
  • How many items should I reply?
  • How objective / subjective is my essay?

You could even draw a sheet of paper into two appropriate boxes for convenience. A black-and-white background will aid to concentrate on controversial issues. Write down the responses and include them in your paper. Whenever you deviate from a topic, these entries will take you back to the right track. In order to check the relevance of given examples, read own notes again. If errors are found, correct them.

Refill Synonymous Reserve

Having become acquainted with expert opinions, do not be lazy to rewrite the latter in your own words. Such a procedure will assist you in choosing a precise wording for the introduction.

A task: researchers are eager to explore new planets, but our own Earth is on the verge of an environmental disaster. Do you share the view that the government should continue to invest large sums of money for studying the universe or better to direct them for solving modern problems?

Rephrase an assignment: there are a lot of scientific articles about life on other space objects. But the Earth is threatened by ecological collapse. What is more essential: distant space or focusing attention on restoring a natural balance on the planet?

Similar training will facilitate understanding of the topic and focus on a question. You may even resort to it, rewriting thesis of exordium in the last paragraph. But be careful with popular synonyms, because they could have numerous interpretations depending on the context. It is better to find the necessary category in a dictionary and check its lexical sense. Remember according to the essay’s speech construction, it is a dynamic alternation of polemical statements, queries, an installation of spoken intonation, and vocabulary.

The Principle of Visualization

The meaning of almost every sentence is embodied in two or three key terms. Armed with a pencil or pen and emphasize them in the job description. Do the same procedure with thematic phrases. After completing, use the selected “anchors” to build a mental map. In the center of the sheet type a priority theme, then you need to draw lines connecting with other thoughts of the sub-themes. By visualizing, you determine the structure of future work as precisely as possible.

When information is presented visually, chief channels of perception are involved in focusing certain questions. That's why modern managers, holding meetings, make notes on the flip chart for better comprehending of info. The fact that sounded evidence is accepted by another person with a large degree of distortion and is interpreted purely individual. Visualization helps to smooth out the problems of ambiguous cognition.

It also aids to keep details of the topic in mind, because if data is not in demand or not interesting, it is forgotten more quickly. In addition, so-called visual control makes it easier to compare a standard state of things with the actual one, thereby revealing deviations.

Examine the Sub-Themes

Frequently, learners, wishing to outwit the readers, start writing about the given subject and then move on to another one, convenient for them. It is not right to assume that your evasiveness will go unnoticed. It causes teachers a feeling of bewilderment and deceit. Such an innocent trick creates you the reputation of a lazy and negligent student.

Any topic deserves a thorough investigation. Refer to the Internet space or a local library. Information will lead to a vision of a holistic picture and current trends. Believe me, the result will please you. Such a technique will teach you not only how to write discussion questions but also propose a proven evidence basis.

Criticize Yourself

Assess own creativity is always hard. But the mentioned ability is quite useful. Take your composition strictly; enter into the role of a picky educator. Think about possible comments and flaws. Compare your own mark with the teacher's assessment. If his/her motivation is not realized by you, ask him/her to explain. Usually, a lot of them clarify in detail reasons for a decrease in the score. The more you practice, the sooner you see the requirements. But starting an essay with the question is a sign of bad taste.

All these elements in their consistency and aggregate are not a routine or a template, but required intellectual work, teaching us to opt the correct question and answer format, carry out a meaningful selection of material, and follow certain logic or justify its violation.

Thus, the above steps will not be difficult for attentive students. If you are striving for an excellent grade, be serious about writing an essay of this kind. Applying our recommendations will lead to better habits, and you do not have to rewrite your paper again because of incompatibility with the topic.


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