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What factors favor this action? What factors stand in the way? Greensward's plan for creating "global lock business" can be integrated with other parts of Black & Decker's business on a global scale. Firstly, he recommends that the international Group establish and take over the "on-the-ground" representation in foreign markets and at the same time, it should identify "local champions" in each of the lock factories.

Second, he suggests establishing at Black & Decker headquarters n Dotson, Maryland, a group product manager for hardware products within the International Division. Third, he also recommends establishing an "interception organization". This department acts as a separate centre to facilitate, across all international casting, order placement, billing, forwarding expediting, and processing of export documentation for the lock business. This helps the company to be more effective to deal with the documentation of order and export.

Moreover, this organization can also get the first hand marketing Information for analysis and forecasting. Such information includes the market segments and both the strength and weaknesses of competitors, which are very useful In promoting the growth of the future business. Factors that favor for his plan: Inside/ outside the market. Communication should be one of the factor stands In the way. Effective communication acts as a linkage between the headquarters and the local offices.

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When there Is no effective communication In one part of the hierarchy, the whole Truckee of the lock business will become fragments. For example, the global Issue Is downsizing from the Group Marketing Manager for hardware products to the Marketing development department and the five source business and at the same time, the Marketing development also formulate the strategies on product continuum to sources businesses based on the global Inputs. If the source department does not recognize the global Issue In advance, they will get confused what the Marketing development department Is doing.

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