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Capital Punishment for Terrorists

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Nowadays we all know what the terrorism is.

Everyone remember 11th September 2001. It was the biggest terrorist attack. It shocked all of the World. Every country help USA fighting to end the terrorism. All the World start to find the way to stop this problem. Most of countries send their soldiers to catch terrorists and bring peace in the World. There is a few ways to stop this and punish terrorist.

One of them is capital punishment but is it really the best way of punishment? Let’s think about it. Everyone is able to be involve in terrorist attack. When you go to work, school or shopping. Terrorist attack can touch you everywhere. We don’t think about it but it is true. We risk our life all the time. The terrorists are blow up themselves to accomplish a purpose which could be kill people because of faith or, like USA, they are occupying their country for mineral goods.

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So terrorists want to take over their lands or country. They want to get one's revenge for pry into their affairs. Because of this they blow up buses, trains, planes and themselves with thousands innocent people who didn’t do anything against them. The terrorists are training all their life to kill. Young boys are learning what they have to do and they really don’t know that it is wrong. But it doesn’t excuse them that they do what they do. Terrorist know that they kill people but they don’t really think about it.

Although most terrorists are killing people by killing themselves should we kill them? Killing terrorists wouldn’t be punish for what they do. We should think about other way to take care of this problem because killing this people is not a solution. If they want to kill themselves what it change if we kill them? It is not a solution this is a big mistake. The terrorists have to pay for what they do. Kill them is the easiest way to get rid of them. But we can put them to prison for life imprisonment.

Capital Punishment for Terrorists essay

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