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Christine de Pizan reflect traditional

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Pizan explains that a noble lady controls her heart, behaves "respectfully and softly", and displays a kind, gentle demeanor to all (Pizan 19). As a princess, Pizan argues that a noble lady should listen patiently and attentively to her ubjects as well as listen to advice from the wise gentleman counselors (Pizan 21).

It is these behavioral qualities which tie into the traditionally accepted cultural norms for women. The ideal woman, the perfect princess, is an honorable lady who is in control of herself constantly. She is dignified and wise with the help of good advice from those advisors. Rule 12 describes how a wise princess' life should be ordered. Prudence rules all, Pizan argues, and everyday begins with addressing God first (Pizan 32). There is a great deal expected of princesses and women in eneral, but society still considers men far superior.

Even with a responsibility in government, a woman must still hold herself with the highest of dignity and listen to the wisest of men in order to seem wise herself. Another example of prudence in a woman's life is her conduct towards her husband - she must love her husband and always be at peace with him (Pizan 36). She should always humble herself towards her husband and obey without complaining - it is in this way that Pizan explains the traditional role of women in the household.

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Wives are expected, in that time, to watch carefully over their husbands, take everything in stride, and stay a noble lady by being true and loyal to her husband (Pizan 38-39). The welfare of her children also defines what a lady should be - a woman is expected to be naturally motherly and want her children to be honorable (Pizan 42). It is her Job, Pizan argues, to discipline and keep her children respectful (Pizan 43). Last, a woman's household duties, according to Pizan, truly define the traditional women roles expected by society Pizan 129).

She must always keep her husband contented, discipline her children, ensure the husband and household are kept decent and clean, and be cheerful to her husband all the time (Pizan 130). The ways of the wise housewife, values of a noble lady, and prudence all define how Christine de Pizan reflects traditional roles for women in her society.

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